Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Quests in Farmville

New Quests finally have appeared in the English Countryside in Farmville. These Quests are not unlocked by any particular accomplishment on the part of the player. They simply were released a couple of days ago and will be found now at the end of the first sequence of Quests in the English Countryside.

The new Quests begin as follows:

Next Quest:

Hello There. I'm Lily. Is this your farm now? I own the Dairy and I have a problem. We depend on this farm for goods, so if you can't revive it, I'll have to move. But if you can help me I'm willing to pay. Can you deliver the goods I need?

How Dairy You

Get a new Cow
Wouldn't be much of a dairy without cows, would it?

Harvest 100 Bluebells
Good milk starts with happy cows, and cows like pretty fowers. It's a fact.

When completed:

Lily: It's more efficient if you have your own Dairy Barn. Let me help with that. I admit I'm impressed so far.

Reward: 100 XP
1 Dairy Barn
2500 Coins

Next Quest:

Lily: You've got the basics covered, but I need to know I can count on you. Here's a challewnge! To make cheese, I need Cheese Culture and milk. Can you do it?


Say Cheese!
Cheese-making is both an art and a science.

Get 6 Cheese Culture
Ask Friends
Skip for 10 FV Cash

Cheese Culture is what makes milk into delicious cheese.

Harvest your Dairy Barn twice.
Skip for 20 FV Cash

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