Enchantment Shop in the Glen

The Enchantment Shop is one of the options in the new Glen Farm that opened recently with early access for 45 Farm Cash.  Like the Unicorn Island and the Animal Workshop, players harvest special magical items from the Shop to create Animals.

Upon completion of the Enchantment Shop, one obtains White Pixie Dust.  The first Animal requires five White Pixie Dust and is a Fay Sheep.

Fay Sheep: Yields White Pixie Dust
  Created with 4 White Pixie Dust

Silver Rhino: Yields Yellow Pixie Dust
  Created with 5 White Pixie Dust

Monchino Monarch Horse:Yields White Pixie Dust
  Created with 2 White Pixie Dust, 4 Yellow Pixie Dust

Rainbow Snail:  Green Pixie Dust
  Created with: 4 White Pixie Dust,  3 Yellow Pixie Dust

Siamese Sprite: Yellow Pixie Dust
  Created with: 4 White Pixie Dust, 3 Yellow Pixie Dust, 2 Green Pixie Dust

Rainbow Phoenix: Blue Pixie Dust

Firefly Pegacorn: Green Pixie Dust

Lady Ewe: Orange Pixie Dust

Dragon Bull: Blue Pixie Dust

Steam Unicorn:  Orange Pixie Dust

As with other Buildings where Animals are created with Serum or Pixie Dust or Gems, each successive Animal created eiher yields one of the colours given by an earlier Animal or a new Colour in a cycle.

Zynga has changed the rules with respect to the Enchantment Shop TWICE now.  At first, one was able to build more than one Enchantment Shop on the Glen Farm but none on any other Farm.  They then changed the rules so that one could build only a single Enchantment Shop on any given Farm.  This is very upsetting to players who built more than one Enchantment Shop in the Glen.  In many cases, players awoke one morning to find that all but one Enchantment Shop had vanished WITH the Animals who had inhabited them.  Building projects require time and energy if a player does not opt to spend premium cash on them.  It is wrong to simply deprive a Farmer of buildings and Animals without compensation or notice.

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