FarmVille Bonsai Garden Guide

Although I was told by FarmVille Support that the cuttings one received, like the Animal Spirits received from the Animal Workshop, were random, I do not believe this to be so.  I therefore am making a little guide for the Cuttings as well as for the Animal Spirits.

The Bonsai Garden is a building project that requires three different materials and must be completed before you can place Bonsai trees and harvest cuttings to 'create' or rather 'unlock' new Bonsai types.

The Bonsai created in the Bonsai Garden as well as those that can be housed there, are different from the original Bonsai sold in the Marketplace, although some of the Bonsai Garden Bonsai Type I trees were sold briefly recently there.

The trees are as follows:

Neea Bonsai II:  Green
  Created with: 5 Green Cuttings

Habanero Bonsai II: Red
  Created with: 10 Green Cuttings
  Yields Red Cutting when placed alone in Garden

Red Ribbon Bonsai: Green
  Created with: 10 Green Cuttings, 3 Red Cuttings
  Yields Green Cutting when placed in Garden

Amethyst Bonsai II: Yellow
  Created with: 10 Green Cuttings, 5 Red Cuttings
  Yields Yellow when placed alone in Garden

Delphinium Bonsai II: Red Cutting
  Created with: 11 Green Cuttings, 8 Red Cuttings, 3 Yellow Cuttings

Rainbow Chili Bonsai II:: Yellow
  Created with: 12 Green Cuttingsi, 8 Red Cuttings, 4 Yellow Cuttings
  Yields Yellow when placed alone in Garden

Forsythia Bonsai II: Yields Purple Cutting
  Created with: 13 Green Cuttings, 10 Red Cuttings, 8 Yellow Cuttings

Plum Bonsai II:  Yields Pink Cutting
  Created with: 14 Green Cuttings, 11 Red Cuttings, 10 Yellow Cuttings, 5 Purple Cuttings

Grape Bonsai II:  Yields Green Cutting
  Created with 15 Green Cuttings, 12 Red Cuttings, 10 Yellow Cuttiings, 10 Purple Cuttings, 5 Pink Cuttings

Final Bonsai:
  Created with 20 Green Cuttings, 18 Red cuttings, 16 Yellow Cuttings, 15 Purple Cuttings, 10 Pink Cuttings

Other Bonsai Trees, purchased in the Marketplace or obtained from Wall Posts, can be placed in the Bonsai Garden to yield Cuttings

Chinese Perfume Bonsai: Green

Chinese Perfume and Forsythia, when both were placed in the Garden, yielded Purple wnich is the colour associated with Forsythia.  Is it random or determined by some factor?

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