The English Countryside Guide

The English Countryside

On the night of 22 March 2011, Farmville finally unveiled its new English Countryside with an initial Quest to take players to their new farms in the 'English Countryside'. Only players who have reached Level 20 can participate in this. It allows a player to have a second farm in a virtual England where special Crops and Animals can be grown and raised.

The Quests with their requirements and Rewards follow. A player who knows the Quest requirements in advance often can make his/her life in Farmville easier by preparing for a future Quest, particularly when it involves the harvest of Crops that grow slowly.

Cotton must be planted on the Home Farm but need not be harvested in order to travel to the new Farm. The first Crop that must be harvested in the English Countryside is 25 English Roses. This is followed by a Quest that requires the harvest of 75 Hops and 75 Barley. If you wish to grow both simultaneously, you will need to expand your Farm twice. Hops requires 10 Hours and Barley requires 12. If you expand your farm immediately and plant the Hops and Barley at the same time that you plant the 25 English Roses, you will be able to move forward faster!

A number of Items will be of great use in the English Countryside initially and if you cannot travel immediately, you may wish to begin to stockpile these materials. They include Bricks, Boards, Nails, Watering Cans, Shovels, Vehicle Parts and Bottles. Special Delivery boxes are very useful as they often contain building materials.

Try not to buy buildings in the English Countryside upon arrival. Most of the buildings you need will be given to you upon completion of various Quests. Even the Dariy Barn will be given to you when you reach the third position on the Map and complete the first Quest there.

The initial Quest begins with a little Event.

Look Up in the sky!
Something is coming this way... FAST!
Check it out!

An old-fashioned airship descends towards your land, belching forth steam from a number of holes. You are told to place it somewhere on your farm. Once you have done so, you must buy three Crates in order to anchor it to the ground.

An aviator from the First World War cries out:

By Jove! I've found you at last! I've brought you the deed to...

A Second Farm in the English Countryside
Before we can go to your secod farm, we must fix my airship. Help me drag it to a safe place on your farm!
Place Airship!

The space required to moor the airship is minimal. You can place it almost anywhere. When completed:

Well done! My airship is safe. Tell every one that I've come to take you to the English countryside!

Drop Anchor!
We need something heavy to hold down my airship.
Buy 3 Crates
Place some heavy crates and I'll tie them to the airship!
Get Crate

The cost of the Crates:
150 coins x 3

Reward: 100 XP, 5 FV, 2500 Coins
Brilliant! My airship is securely anchored! I brought some of your local currency. Please accept it with my thanks!

My village is in desperate need of a great farmer. I hope you will accept my invitation!
Unfortunately, my airship was damaged in that rough landing. I'll need Cotton to make patches for it.

You now have a new Quest:

Cotton to It
Plant 50 Cotton
The sooner you plant it, the sooner we're off to England!

Reward: 100 XP, 1 Union Jack, 2500 Coins
Jolly Good! I brought this flag to remind me of home. Perhaps you'd be kind enough to plant it for me.

(The Union Jack will be in your Gift Box, to place or not as you wish. There is no Reward for using it.)

Good Show! We can collect supplies while that Cotton is growing. I'm eager to see you farming in English soil. Let me tell you about it!

The lush soil in the English countryside will help you master crops faster!

You have a new Quest:

A Nice Supplies*

*Odd that the old chap's mastery of English is so flawed here. 'A Nice Supplies' is a peculiar and incorrect usage of the language by any one's standards.

A daring adventure takes preparation! We need supplies!
Buy 1 Cow
We'll need milk for our tea. I'm sure you know where to find some.

Cost of Cow: 300 Coins
Reward: 250 XP, Aviator's Cap, 2500 Coins

Simply smashing! Our larder is well stocked for our journey ahead! You'll need this Aviator's Cap for the trip. To wear your new cap, click on your Farmer, go to the Accessories category, ans select the Aviator's Cap.

We're almost ready to lift off. Invite your Neighbours to wish you Bon Voyage!
When you write home to tell them about our amazing sheep, they will all want to visit!
In my village, you can learn to breed baby lambs and raise them into unique sheep!

You now are expected to organise a farewell party for yourself.

Bon Voyage Party
Getting Ready for Travel! Invite more guests!

Here you have two options. One is to pay for instant departure with 60 Farm Cash. The other is to invite your Neighbours to your Party. If four Neighbours agree to attend, you can leave in four days. If fifteen or more Neighbours agree to attend, you can leave in two days. If thirty-five Neighbours agree to attend or through payment of 60 Farm Cash, you will be able to travel to your second farm immediately.

Travel Now: 35 Guests or Unlock for 60 FV (Reward: Blue Police Box/Tardis)
Travel in 2 Days 15 guests (Reward: Aviator Outfit)
Travel in 4 Days 4 Guests (Reward: Butler Gnome)

Getting the party started.
When you have waited the required amount of time or fulfilled the requirements for leaving instantly, you will be able to travel to the English Countryside:

Duke: We're all ready to go! Finish the party and depart for your new farm!
Go to the English Countryside

Duke: We're all set! Are you ready to visit your second farm? I'll show you how to get there!

A perfect landing~ Welcome to the English Countryside!

Duke: The Village Farm is the heart of the community and every one depends on it. The local Pub, the Dairy and even the sheep pastures grew up around it.

My village is depending on you to make this farm great.
Rebuild it as you wish, master these new crops and don't be afraid to explore. This English Countryside farm is all yours!

Make it your Own
It's good to have my boots on Her Majesty's soil again. I see you can't wait to get started!

Make it your Own Quest:

Get 6 Postcards
Send a postcard to your friends and ask them to send one back! You can find the postcards you receive in your giftbox.
Ask Friends
Skip for 10 FC

Plow 10 Plots
This farm belongs to you now. I know it won't be fallow for long!

When you explore your small farm, you will find that it contains a small stone cottage, Stone Walls, a broken Combine, a ruined Stable, a Pen for animals that is attached to the Stable, an Apple Tree, an Apricot Tree, a Dwarf Almond Tree and two white Sheep. The three Trees and two Sheep are ready for harvest.

If you look at the icons in the lower right corner, you will see a new Icon consisting of the Village Map:

Village Map
Welcome to the village!
This map shows the progress of you and your friends. To help a friend who's behind, or get help from a friend who's ahead, just click on them.
We're all in this together!

When you explore the broken Combine and Stable, you will discover the Materials needed to repair them: (Repairing the Broken Combine is a task in one of the Quests but you can repair if before you access the Quest.)

Broken Combine
This Combine needs only a few more parts to repair. A Combine lets you Harvest, Plow and Plant all at once.

Repair the Combine
This combine hasn't run in years. Do you think you can fix it?
(You need 5 Vehicle Parts to fix the Combine. You may have some in your Giftbox but if not, you can ask Friends to send them via the 'Make a Wish' option or by accessing the Combine Materials Menu.)
Skip for 5 FV Cash

Congrats! You've finished building your Combine! Celebrate by sharing some Vehicle Parts with your friends!

Horse Stable
Needs only 10 Nails to complete
Has 40 out of 50 materials

With 10 Nails:
Your Stable is finished so check your gift box for a Gray Horse to get you started. Would you like to share a Grey Horse with your friends to celebrate?

Note that the repair of the Horse Stable is NOT part of any initial Quest and therefore can be performed at your leisure.

Make it Your Own Reward:
Reward: 100 XP, 1 Chicken, 1500 Coins
Duke: Tally ho! I'm impressed already. And what's this? A chicken! What's that doing here? Perhaps Agatha knows!

A Neighbour now appears on the screen.

Hello! I'm your neighbour, Agatha. I'm so glad the Duke found you!
This old farm is an important part of our village. In some ways, it's the heart of the countryside. I hope you can revive it.
I'll do whatever I can to help.

Getting Started!
It's been hard to watch this farm fall into disrepair. I'm so glad that you're here.

Harvest 25 English Roses
Repair the Combine

Harvest 25 English Roses
English Roses? What a nice way to start farming in the English Countryside!
Skip for 10 FV Cash

Repair the Combine
This combine hasn't run in years. Do you think you can fix it?
Has 35 out of 40 parts
Skip for 5 FV

Congrats! You've finished building your Combine! Celebrate by sharing some Vehicle Parts with your friends!

Harvest 25 English Roses
English Roses? What a nice way to start farming in the English Countryside!
Skip for 10 FV

Getting Started!
Reward: 150 XP x 1 Chicken Coop, 1500 Coins
Agatha: You're quite a farmer! That chicken the Duke gave you needs a home. Why don't you take my extra coop? And share some of the chickens with your friends, dear.
Share Chicken!

As soon as you do so, a new Character will appear:

Angus: Pardon me, have you seen a ram? Brutus has escaped!
Oh, sorry to be rude. I'm Angus. I might be young, but I know all about breeding sheep. If you find Brutus, I'll help you breed your own sheep!

Et Tu, Brutus?
I really appreciate your help. I have to find Brutus.

Buy 1 Sheep Pen
Visit 6 Neighbours
View your Progress

Buy 1 Sheep Pen
I recommend building a strong pen. One strong enoug to hold a ram.

Visit 6 Neighbours
I'm sure we'll find Brutus somewhere nearby. He's a bit lazy!
Skip 10 FV Cash

View your Progress
View the Village by clicking on the Map icon right above your Gift Box icon.

Get Sheep Pen
Cost: 5,000 Coins

You've started building your Sheep Pen! Let your friends know so they can send you parts!

Sheep Pen
Place Sheep in your pen!
Coose 1 Ram and 1 Ewe to Breed!
Give your Lamb to a Friend!
Raise your Lamb into a Sheep!

Fill your Sheep Pen with Rams and Ewes and you can breed all new types of lambs!
0/50 potions
Buy Potions
Ask for Potions

Et Tu Brutus!
When the Tasks are completed:
Angus: You found Brutus. Thank you! Brutus is in your gift box.
Reward: 200 XP, x 1 Ram, 1500 Coins

Angus: Brutus really likes your farm. Why don't I teach you how to breed baby lambs in YOUR pen! Maybe we can win Best of Breed together!

Next Quest:

Please Fence Me In
This village is famous for its colourful seep! Traditions are an important part of keeping a village together.

Complete 1 Sheep Pen
Buy 8 Country Fences
You can't be too careful about fencing in your prize animals.
Expand your farm to an English homestead

Reward: 200 XP, x 1 Garage, 1500 Coins
We found something when we expanded your farm! It looks like an old Garage! And there was a box of coins under the floorboards!

Angus: Are you ready to breed some baby lambs? You have a ram, so get a nice ewe and... if they, uh, like each other... I'll explain as we go!

I'll Get Ewe
A ram and an ewe... The perfect formula for winning best of Breed. Make put to place Brutus in your sheep pen!

Buy 1 Sheep
You already have a ram, but it takes two to tango. Get yourself a eve.'


Reward: 250 XP, x5 Love Potions, 2000 Coins

Angus: Breeding Sheep is tricky, but I've got a feeling you're going to be great These Love Potions will be useful, trust me. Share some with your friends!

Now it's time to breed and raise a lamb of your own! I can't wait to see your new sheep!

Next Quest:

On the Lamb
Nurturing Lambs takes care, but it's great to have a sheep that you raised from a baby.

Place a Lamb on your farm*
Open your Sheep Pen to choose a Ram and an Eve to breed.
Skip 10 FV Cash

*Note here that you can adopt a Lamb from the Feed instead of breeding one yourself and it will fulfil the requirement.

Raise 1 Lamb into an Adult Sheep
Feed your lamb plenty of yummy bottles to see it grow up healthy and happy!
Skip 10 FV Cash

Note: You need to use 10 Bottles to raise a baby into an Adult Sheep.

Reward: 250 XP, x1 Sheep Statue, x1 Purple Ewe named Gertrude, 1500 Coins
Angus: Your new sheep is beautiful. To celebrate, I'm giving you my best ewe, Gertrude!
Share Coins

Agatha now appears on screen.

Agatha: My goodness you've been working hard! Maybe you need some nice shade trees to rest under?

Game Prompt: Congratulations, that's one good lookin' sheep! Celebrate by telling your friends about it and sharing some baby bottles!

Next Quest:

Trees of Green
Agatha: Your farm will look so beautiful with some nice trees!

Get 10 Trees
Whichever trees you like. Every one has their favourite.
Skip 10 FC

Buy 1 Orchard
An Orchard is the perfect place to keep your Trees!

Orchard: 1000 Coins
When placed, game prompt:

Congrats! You've started building an Orchard! Let your friends know so they can send you materials!

Agatha: What a wonderful Orchard! These extra parts from my garden shed will help you finish it. Do share some extra boards with your friends!

Trees of Green Reward: 100 XP, Nails x 5, Boards x 5, Bricks x 5, 1500 Coins

Agata: That Orchard will be wonderful when you finish it. I can't wait to see which trees you choose!

Out on a Limb

Complete 1 Orchard.
Completing an Orchard takes work, but its worth it.
Skip for 30 FC

Place 10 Trees in your Orchard
I can never decide which trees to choose.
Skip for 10 FC

Reward: 100 XP, Shovels x 6, Watering Cans x 6, 1500 Coins

That Orchard is perfect! I also found more things in my shed. And share some of those Watering Cans with your friends!

Next Quest:

Trees of Green
Agatha: Your farm will look so beautiful with some nice trees!

Get 10 Trees
Whichever trees you like. Every one has their favourite.
Skip for 10 FC

Buy 1 Orchard
An Orchard is the perfect place to keep your Trees!

Congrats! You've started building an Orchard! Let your friends know so they can send you materials!

Agatha: What a wonderful Orchard! These extra parts from my garden shed will help you finish it. Do share some extra boards with your friends!

Trees of Green Reward: 100 XP, Nails x 5, Boards x 5, Bricks x 5, 1500 Coins

Agatha: That Orchard will be wonderful when you finish it. I can't wait to see which trees you choose!

Note: Curiously enough, the Orchard was finished and the Trees purchased were inside it when Agatha made the statement.

Out on a Limb
Finish the Orchard.
Reward: 100 XP, Shovels x 6, Watering Cans x 6, 1500 Coins

Agatha: That Orchard is perfect! I also found more things in my shed. And share some of those Watering Cans with your friends!

Agatha: While you were digging to plant those trees, I had an idea!

Agatha: Why don't you build a Duck Pond? You could use all of those parts from my shed! You'd have baby duckings in no time! Do you like ducklings?
Prompt: Quack!


Just Ducky

Agatha: Ducklings are the most adorable baby animal. Or maybe lambs. Goodness, I can't decide!

Buy 1 Duck Pond
I can almost hear the ducklings quacking!
Get Duck Pond

(You can use the Duck Pond that is in your inventory instead of buying one for 5000 Coins)

100 XP, x1 Scoter Duck, 1500 Coins

You did such a good job, a duck has already landed on your farm! Share some of these leftover parts with your friends.
Share Watering Cans

The Duke now appears:

The Duke: I have heard some rather unhappy news...
There's a rumour that some one important is leaving the village. If we knew who it was, perhaps we might find out what's wrong and convince them to stay.
Could you investigate?

Next Quest:

Listen Up
Please find out who is leaving the village, so we can ask them why.

Visit 6 Neighbours
Your neighbours are the best source of news!
Skip for 10 FV Cash

View Your Progress
Access the Map

Listen Up
Reward: 100 XP, 1 Bench, 1500 Coins
From what you say, it sounds as if Olivia is closing her Pub! A village without a Pub? Inconceivable! Please go talk to her.
Share Coins

Oh, Hello. I'm Olivia, the Pub Keeper.

I don't want to close my pub, but mice have eaten all of my hops and barley. I must replace my grain and get rid of the mice, but who could do all that?

Prompt: I Will!

Rodents of Ruin
Olivia; Do you really think you can help me? I hope so!

Get 6 Mouse Traps
Mice are cute, but not in my pub! They've got to clear off!
Ask Friends
Skip for 6 FC

Harvest 75 Hops
I'll need planty of hops to brew drinks for this thirsty village.
Skip for 10 FC

Harvest 75 Barley
Barley is a delicious ingredient. I can't make food for my pub without it.
Skip for 10 FC

Rodents of Ruin
Reward; 200 XP, 5 FV Cash, 2000 Coins

Olivia: I don't believe it! Thank you! here's a small token of my appreciation. I'm certain I won't need anything else from you in the future!

Olivia: I need something else from you. I can't relax! I'm worried about mice! I want to build a new Pub here on your farm, safe from ravenous rodents. Is it a deal?
Prompt: It's a Deal!

Stock the Bar

Get 6 Pint Glasses
Ask Friends
Skip for 10 FC

Harvest 100 Bluebells
I love the way the Bluebell flowers look on the tables.
Skip for 10 FC

Reward: 250 XP, English Pub, 2500 Coins

Olivia: This new pub is amazing! I'll get busy brewing the best drinks ever. Nothing could possibly go wrong!


Olivia: Something has gone wrong! I saw a mouse! We need a cat to chase them away for good.

Next Quest appears:

If you get me a cat to keep out the mice, I'll teach you my secret recipes.

Place the Pub on your Farm
You can find your pub in your gift box.

Make the Duke's Stout Recipe 2 times
Before you can make my special drink, you must first learn to brew.
Skip for 10 FC

Buy 1 Pub Cat
A fierce farm cat will keep those pecky mice out. Meow!
Get Pub Cat
Pub Cat costs 5000 Coins and is identical in appearance to the Black Cat from the Home Farm!

Place the Pub on your Farm
When you have placed this, you receive a prompt:
Congratulations! You are now a Pubkeeper. Share a free Duke's Stout with your friends to celebrate your grand opening!

Make the Duke's Stout Recipe 2 Times. When you have done so, your Recipe Level for Duke's Stout will increase to Level 2 and you will be able to share a sample.
It will take 6 Hours to finish the Stout, as it does for any Craft item. If you have money to burn, you can pay 5 FC to complete a Recipe instantly. It will cost 10 FC to complete 2 Duke Stouts instantly!

250 XP, Pub Sign x 1, 2500 Coins
Olivia: That cat is dynamite! Now we can get busy brewing!

Olivia: I'm ready to show you how to make my special brew. It's the best drink ever made in this village!
Let's get started!
Get Started

Next Quest:

A Berry Good Drink

Harvest 100 Red Currants
We're going to need plenty of Red Currants, because I only use the finest ones.

Make the Oliviaberry Beer Recipe 2 times
'Practice makes perfect! Sometimes, it takes a while to get it just right.'

Reward: 500 XP, Pub Keeper Outfit, 5000 Coins
Olivia: Things in our village are looking up since you arrived. I'm glad I stayed!
To wear your new outfit, click on your Farmer, go to the Outfits Category and select the Pub Keeper's Outfit.
Share Coins

The Duke appears now.
The Duke: I'm sure some one will need your help again soon, but for now things are quiet in the village. Keep on farming and help your less speedy friends catch up, so you'll be ready for whatever comes along. Well done, I say!

This is the last Quest in the initial Sequence taking you through the first two locations on your Map. You now can move forward to the next pin point on the Map with another Quest:

Next Quest:

Hello There. I'm Lily. Is this your farm now? I own the Dairy and I have a problem. We depend on this farm for goods, so if you can't revive it, I'll have to move. But if you can help me I'm willing to pay. Can you deliver the goods I need?

How Dairy You

Get a new Cow
Wouldn't be much of a dairy without cows, would it?

Harvest 100 Bluebells
Good milk starts with happy cows, and cows like pretty fowers. It's a fact.

When completed:

Lily: It's more efficient if you have your own Dairy Barn. Let me help with that. I admit I'm impressed so far.

Reward: 100 XP
1 Dairy Barn
2500 Coins

Next Quest:

Lily: You've got the basics covered, but I need to know I can count on you. Here's a challenge! To make cheese, I need Cheese Culture and milk. Can you do it?


Say Cheese!
Cheese-making is both an art and a science.

Get 6 Cheese Culture
Ask Friends
Skip for 10 FV Cash

Cheese Culture is what makes milk into delicious cheese.

Harvest your Dairy Barn twice.
Skip for 20 FV Cash

Exploring your Pub

Click on your Pub to find your Recipes at 1 Star which include both the Oliveberry Beer and the Duke's Stout required for the Quests.

Level 1 Recipes

Oliviaberry Beer
3 Hops Bushels
5 Red Currants Bushels

Duke's Stout
4 Hops Bushels
4 Barley Bushels

Say Cheese
Reward: 200 XP, Shorthorn Cow x 1, 5000 Coins

Lily: This cheese is grand! People will love it! Let's beef up your herd with a new cow.

Lily: I'm impressed, but what if my Dairy gets bigger? Can you grow with me? I can't relax unless I'm convinced your'e the best. Show me what you can really do!

Prompt: Show Lily!

Next Quest:
Showing Off
Lily: This is my family's Dairy, and I must take good care of it.

Achieve Level 1 Mastery of Bluebells
Crop mastery is critical to producing the finest goods. It demonstrates expertise.
Skip for 25 FV Cash

Use a Combine 50 Times
Efficient farmers know how to uise the best equipment!
Skip for 20 FV Cash

Expand to English Family Farm
Note that 'using the Combine' is counted by clicks rather than plots that are harvested or planted. You therefore can complete this Quest faster if you harvest/plant a single square at a time with the Combine. 50 Clicks equals '50 times'.

Reward: 300 XP, 7500 Coins, Vehicle Parts x 5

Lily: I give in! You are the best farmer I've ever seen! My Dairy is staying right here!
I have some parts you can use to upgrade your Combine. Share them with your friends.

Prompt: Share Vehicle Parts

Girl: Oh no! Oh no! Help! Dr. Fluffy is missing! My precious pet rabbit. My bunnykins! He could be cold or in danger. Will you help me?

Can you save Dr. Fluffy?
Prompt: Okay

New Quest:
Save Dr. Fluffy
I can't go on without my snookie-wookums! You must find Dr. Fluffy! You simply must!

Visit 6 Neighbours
Skip for 20 FV Cash
'Look far and wide! Dr. Fluffy is a very fast hopper!'

Get 6 Electric Torches
Ask Friends
Skip for 30 FV Cash
'Make sure you have plenty of electric torches. Dr. Fluffy is afraid of the dark!'

Harvest 100 Radish
'Maybe he'll come if you grow radishes! They're Dr. Fluffy's favourites!
Skip for 10 FV Cash

When you complete these requirements:

You can now place a sheep pen on your home farm. find it in the market under 'Buildings'.

Lily: You found Dr. Fluffy! Oh thank you! I was so worried! My snuggy-wuggy babykins is safe!

Please have one of my prized bunnies! And one for your friends, too!

Prompt: Share a Bunny

Reward: 500 XP and 1 Rabbit

You now move to the next location on the map.

You've become quite the popular farmer. Some one has asked me to introduce you.

Professor Milton: I'm Professor Milton of the Drummond Institute of the Royal Tutor Society. Near your farm I found part of a tablet covered in old runes. Could you help me look for more pieces?

Prompt: Yea

New Quest:

Dig It
Milton: Stay awhile and listen. I can tell you about many interesting historical events!

Plow 100 plots
'I found the first piece here. There may be more! Could you dig around, please?
Skip for 10 FV Cash

Fertilise plots on neighbours' farms 25 times.
'Fertilising neighbours' crops is a good way to searcharound nearby.'
Skip for 5 FV Cash

Reward: 100 XP, 1 Discus throwing Cow Statue, 2500 Coins

Milton: Brilliant! You've found all the pieces of the tablet. And an ancient statue. And these old coins! Share them with your friends!

Prompt: Share Coins

Milton: I believe these runes are a recipe! This one means 'Lion'.
Could you assist me with the translation?

New Quest:

Book 'Em
Milton: We shall need plenty of books and a safe place to keep these artifacts.

Get 6 Old Books
'Those books will help us translate the ancient writing.'
Ask Friends
Skip for 30 FV Cash

Buy 1 Storage Cellar

Reward; 200 XP, Duck Statue x 1, 3000 Coins

Milton: we did it! The tablet is a recipe for an ancient drink called Lionhead Ale!
I think your farm is built on the ruins of a medieval pub! Or... a statue store.
Share Coins

Milton: this recipe uses a special variety of hops. Intriguing! I suspect a skilled farmer such as yourself can revive this old crop.

Prompt: Continue

New Quest:

Past Pursuit

Havest 100 Hops
'If you grow enough Hops, you're bound to find the proper seeds!'
Skip for 10 FV Cash

Fertilise plots on neighbours' farms 25 times
'It might help to examine the crops growing on the surrounding farms as well.'
Skip for 10 FV Cash

Note that you will have the Recipe for Lionhead Ale whether or not you complete these Quests and will be able to unlock the special Hops likewise simply by completing 3 Star Mastery.

Milton: You've done it! You've unlocked the secret of the Royal Hope!

The Society also rewarded our discovery with more coins!

Reward: 300 XP, Knight Armour, 5000 Coins

Prompt: Share Coins

Milton: To prove this discovery, we must follow the recipe! The first step is to produce some Royal Hops, and for that you must master the Hops crop!

Prompt: Okay

New Quest:

Ancient Methods
The best way to learn a new crop is to understand its roots!

Achieve Level 1 Mastery of Hops
Milton: Practice makes perfect! Master Hops to understnad how to plant Royal Hops!
Skip for 20 FV Cash

Harvest 50 Barley
'And I expect you'll need some Barley.'
Skip for 10 FV Cash

Reward: 400 XP, 5 FV Cash, 7500 Coins

Milton: Excellent! You've taken the first steps, just as they did in medieval times! This is the most exciting discovery I've seen!

Milton: Now use your new Mastery of Hops to produce Royal Hops, and then the final step!
Prompt: Okay

Drinking in History

Milton: If we can reproduce this ancient beverage, it will be a legitimate historical discovery.

Harvest 50 Royal Hops
'This strain of hops has been extinct for centuries. Very Historical!
Skip for 10 FV Cash

Make the Lionhead Ale recipe 3 times
'This is the same brew enjoyed by ancient medieval kins!'
Skip for 10 FV Cash

Lionhead Ale:

3 Bushels of Royal Hops
2 Bushels of Barley
2 Bushels of English Roses