Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mistletoe Lane

The new Mistletoe Lane Farm in FarmVille is available for early access for the price of 35FC.  There are some advantages to early access for a dedicated player.  First, there are quests with rewards that are limited to those who complete them.   The quests that will be released with the free regular access to the farm will be different.  FarmVille Freak, usually very reliable, seems to have posted different quests entirely this time, which is why I am posting these here.

Regrettably, I neglected to write down the first two quests, and am giving them from memory.  The most important part of these quests if one wishes to have an advantage, is to plant the required crop and make the required recipes BEFORE the quest appears.

The first sequence of quests is as follows:

Quest 1:  Take a photograph of your farm.

Quest 2:   Collect  6 Brass Spyglasses, Harvest 30 Apple Cider, Make Holiday Pudding

Quest 3:  Get 8 Holiday Garlands, Harvest 40 Winter Squash, Make Benne Cake two times

Quest 4: Get 8 Wood Canteens, Harvest 40 Potatornaments, Make Holiday Pudding two times

Quest 5: Get 9 Stringed Snowflakes, Harvest 60 Wax Beans, Make Benne Cake two times

Quest 6: Get 10 Exploring Lanterns, Harvest 70 Winter Grain, Make Apple Cider 2 Times

As Recipes are included in these quests, it may be useful to list the ingredients for the first two levels of the Mistletoe Lane Patisserie, the crafting building for this farm:

Holiday Pudding: 1 Winter Squash Bushel, 2 Cider Apple Bushels, 2 Coffee Bushels

Benne Cake:  3 Honey Ginger Bushels, 2 Wax Ben Bushels, 1 Lavender Bushel

Apple Cider:  2 Cider Apple Bushels, 1 Holiday Poinsettia Bushel, 2 Rye Bushels

Level 2:

Hot Mint Chocolate:  2 Choco Mint Bushels, 2 Winter Grain Bushels, 2 Peppermint Bushels

Holiday Cookies: 1 Winter Grain Bushel, 2 Cider Apple Bushels, 2 Sugar Cane Bushels

Holiday Stew: 2 Potatornament Bushels, 2 Flint Corn Bushels, 2 Tomato Bushels

Level 3:

Potato Latke: 2 Potatornament Bushels, 1 Winter Squash Bushel, 1 Sunflower Bushel

Winter Casserole: 2 Flint Corn Bushels, 2 Wax Bean Bushels, 1 Bell Pepper Bushel

Hollow Berry Pie: 2 Hollowberry Bushels, 3 Jingleberry Bushels, 3 Blueberry Bushels

As in the case of Jade Falls Recipes, the dishes usually contain two ingredients that are limited to the new farm itself and one ingredient that can be grown on any Farm. 

Where Bushels are concerned, there are a number of different methods for obtaining them.  One can grow the Crops on the new Farm, then Harvest them, hoping that a Bushel will be included in the yield.  Bushels are random, although it is easier to obtain them with Mastery of any given Crop and the greatest number of Bushels usually appear when one harvests Super Crops.  Another method of obtaining Bushels is through 'Trade' with Neighbours.  There is no cost for Bushels obtained from a Neighbour, although there is a limit of three.

Other methods of obtaining Crop Bushels are by 'harvesting' the Holiday Square.  The actual item obtained depends on the level of Upgrade to the Square and is random in a sense as there is more than one 'reward' that can be obtained with harvest at any given level.

One can 'request' a specific type of Bushel in a Wall Post, although this method tends to be glitchy sometimes.  Finally, one can purchase a Bushel directly using 1 FC.

With respect to Harvests of Crops on any Farm, Instant Grow can be used to speed the process.  Bushels still will be random, however, and one may be required to grow the same Crop multiple times in order to receive the number of Bushels required for any given Recipe.

Incidentally, for those players who do not wish to invest in early access to Mistletoe Lane, it is useful to know that the new Animal Workshop can be placed and built on ANY Farm.  You therefore can begin to unlock all the Animals before you have the free access to Mistletoe Farm.

The colour of Animal Spirits when the Animal Workshop is harvested is random only perhaps only when more than one Animal inhabits it.  Each Animal when created is associated with a specific colour.  and when that Animal is created, the corresponding Spirit will be available to other players on a Wall Post. .   The 'recipes' for creating new Animal Spirits are:

Bumby Bear: Purple Animal Spirit
  Create with 4 Purple Spirits

Max Moose: Yellow Animal Spirit
  Create with 5 Purple Spirits

Winston Wolf: Purple Animal Spirit
  Created with 2 Purple Spirits, 4 Yellow Spirits

Catrina Cat: Pink Animal Spirit
  Create with 4 Purple Spirits, 3 Yellow Spirits

Bently Beagle: Yellow Animal Spirit
  Create with 4 Purple Spirits, 3 Yellow Spirits, 2 Pink Spirits

Mrs. Flops:  Pink Animal Spirit
  Create with 4 Purple Spirits, 4 Yellow Spirits, 3 Pink Spirits

Davy Deer:  Blue Animal Spirit
  Create with: 5 Purple, 4 Yellow, 4 Pink

Petie Penguin:
  Create with: 4 Purple, 5 Yellow, 4 Pink, 3 Blue

Patty Pig:
  Create with: 4 Purple, 6 Yellow, 6 Pink, 4 Blue

Sinclair Sheep:
  Create with: 5 Purple, 7 Yellow, 6 Pink, 6 Blue

Camilla Calf:  Yellow Animal Spirit
  Create with: 5 Purple, 4 Yellow, 8 Pink, 6 Blue, 4 Green

Henrietta Horse: Blue Animal Spirit
  Create with: 6 Purple, 5 Yellow, 8 Pink, 7 Blue, 6 Green

Eugene, Final Animal:
  Create with: 6 Purple, 8 Yellow,  6 Pink,  10 Blue,  8 Green

Although a Support Agent told me that the colour of Spirit one receives when harvesting the Pen is random,  that is the case only when multiple Animals inhabit the Pen..  What is certain, alas, is that one does not receive a Spirit oneself but simply makes one available to neighbours through a Wall Post.  In this respect, the Animal Spirit Workshop is similar to the Chicken Coop and the Eggs that are harvested.

I tested the random aspect of harvesting by keeping only one Animal in each Pen.  With the Catrina Cat in one Pen, I received a Pink Animal Spirit.  That makes sense, actually as she is associated with Pink.  Davy Deer alone in a Pen delivered a Blue Animal Spirit, which is the colour associated with him.  Sinclair Sheep delivered a Green Animal Spirit.

It therefore is clear that a single Animal when placed in the Animal Workshop will deliver the colour of Spirit with which he/she is associated.  This is not the case, however, when Animals associated with more than one colour are kept in the Pen.    In the Unicorn Island, when more than one Unicorn was kept on the Island, the default Gem was Amethyst, the lowest type of Gem.  I expect that the Animal Workshop is similar as I was obtaining only Purple Spirits when I had eight different Animals in my Workshop.

It is a pity that one does not obtain Animal Spirits when one harvests but only when one clicks on a Neighbour's Wall Post.  This makes the completion of all Animals worrisome and frustrating as one is a victim of chance essentially, unless one has very cooperative Neighbours!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Level 1 Trees and Activating Quest Sequences

I wrote a little preliminary guide for FarmVille that can be found on a separate Page on this site.  Pages are displayed as Tabs above any Post.  The following are nothing more than random Tips for beginners and veterans alike.

Purchasing Premium Trees:

Trees can be obtained in a number of ways in FarmVille.  They can be grown from 'Mystery Seedlings' that can be obtained when you Harvest one of your own Orchards or found on Wall Posts from Friends who play the game.  A few Trees can be obtained as Free Gifts from Neighbours.  For the most part, however, new varieties of Trees must be purchased from the Marketplace using FC.

Premium Items of any kind tend to be time-restricted.  You have a set number of days in which to purchase any Premium Item.  Sometimes, a Premium Item displayed in the Marketplace is a Reward Item for completing a Quest.  It is a good idea to go to a site like FarmVille Freak to see what all the current Reward Items for Quests are before you purchase a special Tree or Animal that is offered for sale.  You then can decide whether or not you wish to go through all the Quest sequences required in order to win it or whether you would prefer to buy it outright.  In many cases, however, Quest Rewards are NOT offered for sale.  The only way to obtain one is by completing the necessary Quest.

Whenever you look at Trees in the Marketplace, you will see a tiny message declaring that the Tree either is Lv. 1 or Lv. 2.  This message can be quite important as Lv. 1 Trees CANNOT BE GROWN FROM MYSTERY SEEDLINGS, nor obtained in any fashion other than by purchasing them from the Marketplace.  If, therefore, you see a Level 1 Tree that you really like, you should buy it!

There are two types of Level 1 Trees, however.  One is the Tree that, when harvested, creates a Mystery Seedling that will grow into a Big or Giant Tree of the same variety.  For example, a Mystery Seedling obtained from the 'Spooky Crystal Tree' will grow into a 'Big Spooky Crystal Tree'.  These Big or Giant Trees are Level 2 Trees.  In fact, any Tree grown from a Mystery Seedling will be a Level 2 Tree.  The Big or Giant variety of any Tree is very much like the original Level 1 Tree.  You therefore need not purchase the original Tree if you have Neighbours who have that Tree and are willing to share one with you when they obtain a Level 2 Tree from a Mystery Seedling.

The other sort of Level 1 Tree is the one you should purchase if you really love it.  This sort is unique.  When it produces a Mystery Seedling, that Seedling will grow into an entirely different variety of Tree from its parent.  A current Premium Tree of this type in the Marketplace is the Pinecone Tree.  The Pinecone Tree, when placed in an Orchard and harvested, will produce Mystery Seedlings that grow into an Acorn Tree.  If, therefore, you do not purchase the Pinecone Tree, you will not obtain one from any Neighbour's Wall Post.   If you do purchase one, you cannot grow any more of them.  You can grow only Acorn Trees.

Finally, there are some special Trees that can be unlocked by Mastery of other Trees.  These include the Astrological Trees.

Activating Quest Sequences:

This is a situation that I have experienced myself and therefore feel that the 'fix' may be useful to other Farmers.  It can occur at two points in time.  The first point when it can occur is when a new Quest Sequence is released.  You may find that other Farmers are able to activate the Quest Sequence but that you are not able to do so.  In this case, TRAVEL.  For example, a new sequence of Haunted Hollow Quests may not activate when you load the game on the Haunted Hollow Farm.  Travel to another Farm and then return to the Haunted Hollow to activate the Quest sequence.

The second point when you may experience the same problem is when you complete a Quest Sequence and opt to go through the Quests a second time.  Again, if the Quest sequence does not begin, TRAVEL to a different farm and then return to the Haunted Hollow to activate the first Quest in the sequence again.

This problem arises evidently only on NEW Farms that are linked specifically to any Quest Sequence.  It is easy enough to circumvent in the manner described.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Licorice and Dandelion Recipes

With the release of a number of new Crops, new Recipes have appeared in the various craft buildings as well.  Some of the Crops required to complete Quests recently can be found in the new Recipes.  For Farmers who, like me, hate to toss Crops away because his/her Market Stalls have been filled to capacity again and again, it comes as a relief to discover the new Recipes.  Note that FarmVille recently gave Players the option to own all Craft Buildings for no cost whatsoever.  You can have a total of  five of the original Spa, Winery and Bakery on your Farms.  In other words, one of each and two additional buildings on any other Farm.  The additional duplicate buildings will be at the same level as the original. 

Licorice and Dandelion are featured here:


Black Licorice

3 Bushels of Licorice
3 Bushels of Rye
3 Bushels of Sugar Cane

Strawberry Licorice Cupcake

2 Bushels of Licorice
4 Bushels of Strawberry
3 Bushels of Rye


Root Beer:

3 Bushels of Licorice
3 Bushels of Peppermint
3 Bushels of Dandelion

Other recent additions to the Menu:


Dreamy Scented Oil

1 Bushel of Lavender
1 Bushel of Pink Roses
5 Bushels of Raspberry

Lily Bath Bomb

4 Bushels of Lily
4 Bushels of Peppermint
4 Bushels of Columbine

Not as recent, but released with the Hawaiian Farm were:

Seaweed Soap

2 Bushels of Kelp
3 Bushels of Green Tea
4 Bushels of Aloe Vera

Flower Lei

3 Bushels of Double Pikake
1 Bushel of Daffodil
2 Bushels of Lily


Rose Macaroon

4 Bushels of Rye
4 Bushels of Pink Rose
4 Bushels of Purple Poppy

Shrimp Toast

2 Bushels of Shrimp
2 Bushels of Rye
3 Bushels of Onion


Oyster Shot
4 Bushels of Oyster
3 Bushels of Rice
4 Bushels of Ghost Chili

Daffodil Spirits

4 Bushels of Daffodil
4 Bushels of Raspberry
4 Bushels of Gladiolus

Sweet and Spicy Liqueur

6 Bushels of White Roses
2 Bushels of Potatoes
8 Bushels of Pepper

Artichoke Spirit

1 Bushel of Artichoke
3 Bushels of Elderberry
3 Bushels of Rhubarb

Chardonnay Wine
4 Bushels of Chardonnay
4 Bushels of Sugar Cane
3 Bushels of White Grape

Saffron Brandy

8 Bushels of Saffron
6 Bushels of Blackberry
8 Bushels of Zinfandel

English Pub:

Foxes Ale:
4 Bushels of Foxglove
4 Bushels of Hops
3 Bushels of Royal Hops

Turnip Stew:
3 Bushels of Turnips
3 Bushels of Field Beans
3 Bushels of Cara Potatoes

Jade Falls:Tea House

When my Farmer upgraded the Tea House to Level 5, the following Recipes were not included in the Menu.  I therefore believe they are new Recipes:

Tom Yum Soup

4 Bushels of Lemongrass
 3 Bushels of Saba
 4 Bushels of Pepper


3 Bushels of Nori
3 Bushels of Sesame
3 Bushels of Rice

Kimchi Pancake

6 Bushels of Green Onion
5 Bushels of Sesame
3 Bushels of Cabbage

Portuguese Rice

3 Bushels of Bok Choy
2 Bushels of Chinese Daikon
3 Bushels of Rice

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Jade Falls Recipes and Zynga Search Dog

With the new requirements for mastering a large number of Jade Falls Crops if a Player wishes to receive the Shipping Licence that will allow him/her to move items freely from Jade Falls to other Farms with corresponding Licences, new Recipes have been added to the Tea Shop:

Kimchi Pancakes:
  6 Bushels of Green Onions
  4 Bushels of Sesame
  3 Bushels of Cabbage

Tom Yum Soup:
  4 Bushels of Lemongrass
  3 Bushels of Saba
  4 Bushels of Pepper

  3 Bushels of Nori
  3 Bushels of Sesame
  3 Bushels of Rice

Players will notice that many of the ingredients are Crops that formerly had no use apart from generating income and mastery numbers.

Another new option that is not limited to any Farm is the Search Option.  The Zynga Dog that now can be found in the Menu with the Gift Box and Storage Icons can be used not only to find any Item that is in the Gift Box, Storage Facility or on the Farm but can be used as well to count Crops!  This is extremely useful for Players who perform the various Quests that require specific totals of Crop Harvests.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Monster Lab and Serum Creation

I have to confess that I'm not really enamoured of 'Monsters' in the classical sense.  The Monsters in Rune Factory are quite different as they can be charming and cute.  The Chipsqueeks immediately come to mind.  In FarmVille, however, Monsters tend to be hideous and frightening in the classical way that Monsters have been portrayed throughout the ages.

Despite this, one must complete the Monster Lab in the new Haunted Hollow Farm if one intends to succeed in the Spooky Quests... and I therefore did so and am trying to unlock the Monsters in the Lab by using the Serum that one can harvest periodically from the Lab.

The reason I am creating this post is because I could not obtain anything but the Blue Serum for ages from the Lab.  I now realise rather belatedly that the Monster Lab was created on the same principles as the Unicorn Island.  In other words, in the same way that the Purple Amethyst is the default Gem harvested from Unicorn Island (and will be the one that is harvested from all existing Unicorns placed there as well as those who correspond to that Gem), the Blue Serum in the Monster Lab may be the default.  It certainly is the Serum that corresponds to the original Chickenpire Monster you create.

The first Monster created in the Lab is the Chickenpire Monster and it is the one that gives Red Serum from the start.

I have unlocked very few but here are the correspondences I have so far:

Chickenpire:  Blue Serum
  To create: 4 Blue Serum

Frankensheep:  Green Serum
  To create:  5 Blue Serum

Monster Hog:  Blue Serum
  To create: 2 Blue Serum, 4 Green Serum

Mummy Duck: Orange Serum
  To create: 4 Blue Serum, 3 Green Serum

La Chupacabra: Yellow Serum
  To create: 4 Blue Serum, 3 Green Serum, 2 Orange Serum

Giant Moth:  Orange Serum
  To create: 4 Blue Serum, 5 Green Serum, 4 Orange Serum, 2 Yellow Serum

Fish Creature: Pink Serum
  To create: 5 Blue Serum, 7 Green Serum, 6 Orange Serum, 6 Yellow Serum

Mega Monkey: Yellow Serum
  To create: 6 Blue Serum, 4 Green Serum, 10 Orange Serum, 6 Yellow Serum, 4 Pink Serum

Final Monster:
  To create: 6 Blue Serum, 8 Green Serum, 6 Orange Serum, 10 Yellow Serum, 8 Pink Serum

In other words, it probably is best to keep your Monster Hog out of the Monster Pen and simply Harvest from the Pen containing nothing more than the Frankensheep until you have sufficient Green Serum to unlock and create the fourth Monster in the form of the Mummy Duck.   I daresay you then will need some Orange Serum from the Mummy Duck for the fifth Monster.

As I confessed, I haven't made any real haste to move forward on this, quite unlike my actions with respect to the Unicorn Island, where I unlocked all five pages of Unicorns as quickly as possible.  If a Player is as keen on Monsters as I am on Unicorns, he/she can build a second Monster Pen to be able to harvest more Serum... Another method of creating more Green Serum is by creating another Frankensheep.  In the same way that a new Unicorn will generate a Gem upon creation, a new Monster generates its corresponding Serum colour.

If you would like to obtain any Harvests of Green Serum, you should remove the Chickenpire from the Lab with all haste after creating the Frankensheep.

If you look at the list of ingredients required to create the first six Monsters, you will see that as you progress, more Serum of EVERY colour is needed.   As with the Unicorns, you will discover that the Blue and Green Serum you formerly spurned must be created in quantity if you wish to continue to unlock new Monsters.  Again, the quickest way to achieve this is by having more than one Monster Pen and placing a single Monster for each colour in each Pen.

Remember that Monsters like the Imp, a Quest Reward and a Creature that must be Mastered in order to complete one of the Quest Sequences, will yield NO Serum.  Only Monsters created in the Pen will yield Serum.  There is no advantage to an increase in the number of any single type of Monster placed in your Pen.  One Giant Moth will yield as much Orange Serum as three Giant Moths.  You can harvest the Monster Pen twice daily, however.

Incidentally, Mastery of specific Monsters and harvesting the Monster Pen a specific number of times both have been requirements in Quest Sequences.  Furthermore, the creation of ALL Monsters in the List is a Requirement for 'beating' the Haunted Hollow Farm.  When you 'beat' the Haunted Hollow, you will obtain a Shipping Licence that will allow you to share items freely between the Haunted Hollow and any other Farms for which you have Licences as well as giving you a Statue to commemorate the achievement.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Haunted Hollow Farm

It has been claimed that Hallowe'en is the second most popular holiday in the U.S. and one that generates almost as much business as Christmas.  People often decorate their houses more lavishly than they do during the Christmas holidays and the purchase of sweets and costumes is another source of income for businesses.

FarmVille initially released the Lighthouse Cove Farm as an Autumn Getaway a year ago but the new 'Haunted Hollow' Farm is more overtly a 'spooky' farm that is based on Hallowe'en.  As is often the case when Zynga first releases a new farm, there is an 'early' opportunity to unlock the locaiton and to perform special quests that will not be available when the Farm is released free to the general public.

The cost for the 'early ticket' to the Hollow is 35 FC.  Although many players have not 'beat' Jade Falls yet, some have yielded to the temptation to unlock the new Hallowe'en farm early.

At the Haunted Hollow, there is a mountaintop like the ones in Hawaii and Jade Farms that can be upgraded to Level 10. and harvested for items.  There is a Monster Lab, a new option in FarmVille similar to the Dinosaur Lab.

My Potion Shop is the building where Recipes are completed for items that can be traded for Fuel.  New Crops that can be grown only in the Hollow are ingredients in these Recipes.

At Level 1, the Recipes are as follows:

Nightshade Sherbet:
2 Bushels of Zombies
2 Bushels of Tombstones
2 Bushels of Sugar

Pumpkin Pie
1 Bushel of Jack-o-Lanterns
1 Bushel of Green Toadstools
2 Bushels of Wheat

Witch's Brew
1 Bushel of Ghoul Garlic
1 Bushel of Sage
2 Bushels of Red Tulips

At Level 2:

Cauldron Stwe
1 Bushel of Sage
2 Bushels of Tombsttone
2 Bushels of Tomato

Invisibility Potion
1 Bushel of Wormwood
1 Bushel of Green Toadstool
2 Bushels of Aloe Vera

Crystal Cocktail
2 Bushels of Spectre Berries
2 Bushels of Jack-o-Lanterns
1 Bushel of Grapes

At Level 3:

Fire Brew:
2 Bushels of Spectre Berries
1 Bushel of Sage
2 Bushels of Jalapeno

Stink Bomb
1 Bushel of Ghoul Garlic
2 Bushels of Zombies
1 Bushel of Bell Peppers

Lucky Charm:
3 Bushels of Tombstones
2 Bushels of Green Toadstool
1 Bushel of Lavender

The Monster Lab can be harvested regularly for Monster Serum in the same way that the Dinosaur Lab can be harvested for its DNA.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Jade Falls Shipping Licence Requirements

Today, players began to experience prompts with respect to the requirements for earning the Jade Falls Shipping Licence.  These are as follows:

Upgrade Mountain fully to Level 10.
Upgrade Imperial Docks fully to Level 10.
Master all ordinary Jade Falls Crops
Upgrade Tea House fully to Level 5.

FarmVille farming has become more sophisticated with the introduction of each new Farm.  On the original Home Farm, there is only one location where plots can be tilled and Crops grown.  The English Countryside, the second Farm to be released, is no different in this respect, nor is the third Farm in the form of the Lighthouse Cove.  The Lighthouse Cove did introduce a new, rather tiresome option, however, in limiting the number of Plots that can be tilled at any level of expansion.

The Winter Wonderland, which is the fourth Farm, limits the number of Plots that can be tilled at any expansion Level but offers only the snowy ground.  It is when the fifth Farm in the form of the Hawaiian Farm was released that a new option was given in the form of Water Crops.

The sixth farm to be released was Jade Falls where sophistication of Farming achieved new heights, both literally and metaphorically.  Here Crops can be grown on the Main Field, in the Water and in Paddy Fields elevated above sea or river level.  As with all Farms introduced after the English Countryside option, the number of Plots that can be tilled is limited for each of the three different locations at any expansion level.

For the purpose of achieving the 'Beat the Jade Falls' goal and obtaining the coveted Shipping Licence that allows a player to transfer items freely between Farms, 20 different Crops must be mastered fully.

For each Crop, there are three Mastery Levels and each is given a Star.  Full Mastery is 3-Star Mastery.  You will find Crops grown on all three Locations in the list of the 20 Crops that must be fully mastered in Jade Falls.

The Crops that must be mastered do not include the 'Forbidden' varieties and consist of the following:

Growth Time: 8 Hours
Location: Main Field
Mastery: 720 (10/260/450)

Bok Choy
Growth Time: 12 Hours
Location: Main Field
Mastery:  450 (90/180/450)

Brown Rice
Growth Time: 12 Hours
Location: Paddy Fields
Mastery: 360 (50/90/220)

Chinese Cotton
Growth Time: 1 Day
Location: Main Field
Mastery:  360 (50/90/220)

Chinese Daikon
Growth Time: 8 Hours
Location: Paddy Fields
Mastery: 370 (50/90/230)

Green Onion:
Growth Time: 8 Hours
Location: Main Field
Mastery: 740 (90/190/460)

Growth Time:  12 Hours
Location: Water
Mastery: 180 (20/50/110)

Horse Radish
Growth Time: 12 Hours
Location: Main Field
Mastery: 1080 (140/270/670)

Imperial Rice
Growth Time: 4 Hours
Location: Paddy Fields
Mastery: 1130 (140/280/710)

Imperial Tea
Growth Time: 1 Day
Location: Main Field
Mastery: 360 (50/90/320)

Growth Time: 8 Hours
Location: Main Field
Mastery: 1490 (190/370/930)

Lowland Ginger
Growth Time: 12 Hours
Location: Main Field
Mastery: 720 (90/180/450)

Growth Time: 8 Hours
Location: Water
Mastery: 370 (50/90/230)

Growth Time: 4 Hours
Location: Water
Mastery: 1130 (140/280/710)

Rock Cod
Growth Time: 1 Day
Location: Water
Mastery: 380 (50/90/240)

Growth Time: 1 Day
Location: Main Field
Mastery: 740 (90/190/460)

Sichuan Pepper
Growth Time: 4 Hours
Location: Main Field
Mastery: 1080  (10/400/670)

Sticky Rice
Growth Time: 1 Day
Location: Paddy Fields
Mastery: 180 (4/66/110)

Growth Time: 12 Hours
Location: Paddy Fields
Mastery: 360 (50/90/220)

White Cloud Tea
Growth Time: 8 Hours
Location: Main Field
Mastery: 720 (90/180/450)

Crops that can be grown at Jade Falls are unlocked in the same way that new Crops are unlocked at any other Farm in FarmVille.  To give it the simplest interpretation, it is FARMING that unlocks new Crops.  A player's XP or Experience Level, reflected in the player's general Level  as well as specific requirements in some cases for the Mastery of a specific Crop in a Crop Sequence are included in the requirements to unlock new Crops on every Farm.

In the process of achieving the ultimate goal, one will receive small rewards as one completes each requirement.  Given that the sole requirement for obtaining the Shipping Licence for the Lighthouse Cove is to upgrade the Cove fully, the amount of labour required to achieve the equivalent at Jade Falls is staggering.

The cost of purchase for the Lighthouse Cove Shipping Licence is 75 Farm Cash while the cost of purchasing the Licence for Jade Falls is 200 Farm Cash.  It can take a long time to obtain all of the materials required to upgrade the Cove to Level 10 but at least all of the materials are available as Free Gifts.   Where the two construction projects at Jade Falls are concerned, there are two materials that can be obtained only through Wall Posts or outright purchase.  This makes the task even more daunting.  Furthermore, the materials used for these projects have no other function and therefore any excess is waste where the three materials used to upgrade the Cove could be applied to other building projects as well.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Useful FarmVille Recipes for Unicorns and Crafts

Recently, there have been a myriad of new options in FarmVille. Although some of them can be tedious and annoying, others, like the Unicorn Island, are fun, especially for any player who loves fantasy. A list of Unicorns with the Gems they produce may be useful to those players who are intent upon creation of these often dazzling creatures. Quests have continued to proliferate but no longer are restricted to crop growing. Often, a requirement may be the creation of an item in the Crafts Building. Recipes for the items that are demanded most often may be useful as well. Jade Falls is the newest Farm in FarmVille and the Quests for Jade Falls usually involve Recipes. Those recipes will be included on this page as well.

 *************** Unicorn Island: ***************
Unicorn Island must be built, using three different builsing materials in the form of

10 Enchanted Blossoms, 10 Rainbow Clovers and 10 Hearts of Gold.

 All materials can be found in the Free Gifts List. Once the Island is completed, it will render 1 Amethyst to the builder. You then need to stock the Island with at least one Unicorn in order to allow it to produce regularly. The following list gives the Unicorns that can be created using the Gems as well as the Gems needed to produce each. All other Unicorns, if placed in the Island, will yield only Amethysts.

 Note that you must unlock each successive Unicorn by creating the preceding Unicorn in the list. Once all Unicorns have been unlocked, therefore, you will be able to create any Unicorn on the List. The Unicorns require progressively more Gems to create but may not yield more valuable Gems in every case. There are Unicorns such as the Fancy Pants Unicorn that require a prodigious number of valuable and rare Gems to create but, as in the case of the Fancy Pants, only produce Amethysts once placed in the Island.

 ************* Unicorn List *************

 A list of Unicorns with the Gems each produces as well as the Gems required to produce one:

Pink Lemonade Unicorn: Amethyst
     To create, you will need: 10 Amethysts

 Moon Unicorn: White Diamond
    To create, you will need: 12 Amethysts

 Sun Unicorn: Amethyst
 To create, you will need: 6 Amethysts, 8 Diamonds

 Moss Unicorn: Emerald
To create, you will need: 12 Amethysts, 4 Diamonds

Wind Pegacorn: White Diamond
To create, you will need: 9 Amethysts, 5 Diamonds, 4 Emeralds

Princess Unicorn: Emerald
To create, you will need: 5 Amethysts, 11 Diamonds, 6 Emeralds

Emerald Pegacorn: Ruby
To create, you will need: 8 Amethysts, 9 Diamonds, 10 Emeralds

Starry Night Unicorn: Diamond
To create, you will need: 12 Amethysts, 9 Diamonds, 10 Emeralds, 4 Rubies

Icy Fire Unicorn: Emerald
To create, you will need: 10 Amethysts, 12 Diamonds, 11 Emeralds, 10 Rubies

Tiara Unicorn: Ruby
To create, you will need: 11 Amethysts, 10 Diamonds, 19 Emeralds, 14 Rubies

Angel Pegacorn: Sapphire
To create, you will need: 10 Amethysts, 16 Diamonds, 17 Emeralds, 22 Rubies

Fancy Pants Unicorn: Amethyst To create, you will need: 15 Amethysts, 20 Diamonds, 18 Emeralds, 16 Rubies, 10 Sapphires

Lightning Pegacorn: Ruby
To create, you will need: 22 Amethysts, 15 Diamonds, 23 Emeralds, 18 Rubies and 20 Sapphires

Robot Unicorn: Sapphire
To create, you will need  20 Amethysts, 23 Diamonds, 20 Emeralds, 33 Rubies, 26 Sapphires

The final Unicorn to be unlocked:

Phoenix Pegacorn: Sapphire
 To create, you will need: 40 Amethysts, 37 Diamonds, 29 Emeralds, 23 Rubies, 30 Sapphires

If you study the list, you will see that Amethysts can be created from ANY Unicorn, including the Pink Lemonade, which is the first Unicorn you can unlock. The Moon Unicorn is the first Unicorn that will produce a Diamond but you will not be able to produce an Emerald until you create the Moss Unicorn. The first Unicorn to produce a Ruby is the Emerald Unicorn and the first to produce the Sapphire is the Angel Pegacorn.

Unicorns created on Unicorn Island can be placed in Horse Paddocks to produce foals. When placed in Unicorn Island, they produce only Gems. Incidentally, when Unicorn Island reaches 100%, you always should harvest it BEFORE you place any other Unicorn on the Island. Doing so will decrease the readiness instantly to zero, making the operation of the Island different from that of any other Animal enclosure. Ordinarily, when you place a new Animal in any Animal Enclosure, the readiness will decrease only a little. In the case of any Enclosure at 100%, it will be decreased usually to 96%. Trees can be added to Orchards or Groves, on the other hand, without decreasing readiness at all. If at 100% at the time of adding a new tree, the Orchard/Grove will remain at 100% until harvested.

Strategies for obtaining Gems:

 Gems can be harvested from Unicorn Islands, found on Wall Posts or purchased for Farm Cash.

The prices for Gems are:
Amethyst: 2 FC
Diamond: 2 FC
Emerald: 3 FC
Ruby: 3 FC
Sapphire: 3 FC

You can build more than one Unicorn Island on any or every Farm if you have space and patience. This is a far better strategy actually than purchasing Gems that you need to create any Unicorn. If you are willing to spend premium cash on your Unicorns, you are better served by purchasing the Instant Grow option on any Farm with multiple Unicorn Islands. I have found that the cost of Instant Grow for Animals tends to be 3 FC ordinarily, which is no more than the cost of a single Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire.

Building multiple Unicorn Islands can be a tedious affair and however beautiful they may be, they do tend to dominate a Farm if there are too many of them. Nonetheless, any player who is addicted to Unicorns may wish to follow this strategy in order to unlock the entire list at the earliest possible time. Each time you build a new Unicorn Island, it will yield Amethyst as well.

At the start, you may find that you have more Amethyst than any other Gem, but as you unlock Unicorns, Amethysts may be in demand. If you wish to be certain of the type of Gem that you will harvest, place only one type of Unicorn in your Island. In other words, place only Unicorns that yield Rubies if you wish to make certain that the Island will yield Rubies. Unicorns can be moved in and out of Islands, transferred to Paddocks or simply stashed until needed.

Once you have unlocked all Unicorns, you can create any that you wish or move them into Paddocks in order to create Foals.  All the Unicorns have the potential to produce Foals.

Note that there are two Doghouse options in FarmVille that are similar to some extent to the Unicorn Island option.  The Sunshine Doghouse and the Cupcake Doghouse produce Dog Treats and a Player can unlock new types of Dogs in each.  The difference between the two Doghouses is the types of Dogs that each can house and produce.  I am not really a Dog Person, being more partial to Cats in the real world and Cats and Unicorns in the virtual worlds.  I did enjoy the original Dog Training option in FarmVille that allowed me to purchase, raise and train a Puppy to run at my heels and perform tricks and tasks.   I do not know if that option still exists because I never wished to go through all of that again once I trained my original Japanese dog.  I do know that he stays on the Home Farm and will not accompany me on my travels to other Farms.

I wonder if Zynga plans to release a Cattery that will operate in the same fashion as the two new Doghouses.

 *********************** Craft Items and Quests: ***********************

 As previously indicated, Craft Items often are requirements in Quests in FarmVille now. The Items requested tend to be those requiring the least amount of mastery and are as follows:

 ********************* Simple Craft Recipes: *********************
 Farmhand: 4 Cotton Bushels, 3 Soybean Bushels, 1 Cherry Basket

Fertilise All: 2 Manure Bags, 4 Carrot Bushels, 3 Chickpea Bushels

Shovel Set: 3 Jalopeno Bushels, 3 Double Grain Bushels, 1 Lemon Basket

Arbourist: 3 Peanut Bushels, 4 Morning Glory Bushels, 2 Orange Baskets

Animal Feed: 1 Walnut Basket, 2 Sunflower Bushels, 2 Barley Bushels

You will see that any Crafts Recipe usually requires two different types of Crop Bushels as well as a Basket harvested from Trees or an ingredient, such as Manure, harvested from Animals. Cows yield Milk and Pigs yield Manure, for example. Apple Trees of any kind may yield Apple Baskets, while Cherry Trees yield Cherry Baskets and Orange Trees yield Orange Baskets. Another common ingredient harvested from Trees is the Walnut Basket, which is harvested from any Walnut Tree.

***********Hybrid Crops*************

There is one Crop in the Craft Recipes given above that is not an ordinary Crop but is rather a Hybrid Crop.  The Recipe for the Shovel Set requires 3 Double Grain Bushels.  Double Grain is made in a Greenhouse by combining Rice with Wheat.  It ordinarily takes 3 Days to complete, but can be accelerated to be produced instantly for 7 Farm Cash.   As with any Hybrid Crop, only a finite number of Seeds will be 'unlocked' in the Marketplace with any Greenhouse production.  In the case of Double Grain seeds, a player will be able to purchase 100 Seeds in the Marketplace.   When any Hybrid Seeds have been made, a few can be 'shared' by posting to the Player's Wall.  A Player who clicks on a Wall Post for Double Grain Seeds will receive 40 Seeds.

As with any Crops, Bushel yield is not guaranteed.  Certainly the sum of three Bushels needed to complete the Shovel Set Recipe may be difficult (but not impossible) to obtain from 40 Seeds.  As the actual Double Grain Crop takes only 12 hours to mature, a Player can produce another batch in the Greenhouse if he/she fails to obtain the required number of Bushels from the Crop.

******************* Jade Falls Recipes: *******************

Jade Falls is the first Farm to offer paddies as well as ordinary farmland and water crop areas. Any Crop that is planted in a paddy field will not rot and can be harvested at any time after it matures. Ordinary Crops and Crops planted in Water will rot or wither in the same way as Crops on other Farms.

The Hawaii Farm was the first to offer Water Crops. Jade Falls differs in that separate farm tools are NOT required to plant or harvest Water Crops. An ordinary Combine will harvest Crops in any sort of plot in Jade Falls. Note that Jade Falls Recipes usually consist of two Jade Falls Crops and one Crop that can be grown on any Farm.

The Crops from other Farms that are most commonly used are Wheat, Rice and Green Tea. Jalapeno, Pepper, Basil and Ginger are used as well in some of the low grade Recipes.

 At higher grades, you will find requirements for Cabbage, Eggplant, Sugar Cane, Soybean and Coffee.

 Milk Tea: 3 White Cloud Tea Bushels, 3 Azuki Bushels, 3 Green Tea Bushels

 Pho Soup: 3 Jade Bamboo Bushels, 3 Sichuan Pepper Bushels, 3 Jalapeno Bushels

Hamachi Maki: 1 Hamachi Bushel, 2 Nori Bushels, 3 Rice Bushels

Bao: 2 Chinese Daikon Bushels, 3 Grouper Bushels, 3 Ginger

Egg Roll: 1 Edamame Bushel, 3 Azuki Bushels, 3 Wheat Bushels

 Bibimbap: 1 Sticky Rice Bushel, 3 Sichuan Pepper Bushels, 2 Pepper Bushels

Chow Mein: 3 Jade Bamboo Bushels, 1 Sticky Rice Bushel, 3 Basil Bushels

 Ihura Nigiri: 1 Squid Bushel, 2 Wasabi Bushels, 3 Rice Bushels

Oolong Tea: 2 Imperial Tea Bushels, 2 Lotus Bushels, 3 Green Tea Bushels

Kimchi: 1 Jade Peanuts Bushel, 2 Wasabi Bushels, 1 Cabbage Bushel

Hot and Sour Eggplant: 2 Prawns Bushels, 3 Bok Choy Bushels, 1 Eggplant Bushel

Takoyaki: 3 Unagi Bushels, 1 Squid Bushel, 2 Wheat Bushels

Moon Cake: 2 Baby Corn Bushels, 3 Chinese Cotton Bushels, 3 Sugar Cane Bushels

Fried Rice: 3 Scallops Bushels, 2 Sticky Rice Bushels, 2 Soybean Bushels

Thai Tea: 3 Imperial Tea Bushels, 3 Lowland Ginger Bushels, 3 Green Tea Bushels

At Level 5:

Congee: 1 Millet Bushel, 2 Prawn Bushels, 3 Wheat Bushels

Vietnamese Iced Coffee: 2 Sesame Bushels, 3 Jade Bamboo Bushels, 3 Coffee Bushels

Egg Tart: 2 Lotus Bushels, 3 Azuki Bushels, 2 Rye Bushels

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tips on Being a Good Neighbour

These are a few tips I've discovered while playing FarmVille. They do not benefit the player much in some cases, but can benefit his/her Neighbours, especially when they are at low levels, struggling to survive.

Fuel can be difficult to obtain when one is a low-level player. One can purchase craft items from Neighbours but often one lacks sufficient coins. Neighbours who are at higher levels have the option to share craft items by posting to their Wall. Obviously, the item that will be converted into the largest amount of fuel when used is the craft item of the highest level.

There are two ways to obtain the option to share a Craft Item when a player accesses his/her Craft Building on any Farm. The first is by raising the level of any Craft Item that is being made or sold. It is here that other players can help. Whenever a player purchases a Craft Item from a Neighbour, XP points are awarded to the Seller of the Item. Often it can be useful to ask the Neighbour which Craft Items he/she is trying to increase in level. Two different strategies apply.

First, there are those who would like to concentrate on a single Craft Item to raise its level and thereby its value to the maximum. A Player who is interested in pursuing this strategy would prefer that Neighbours purchase THAT Craft Item and none others. It will be the most expensive Craft Item that is offered from any Farm.

Note here that high-level Craft Items require far more XP points than their low-level counterparts. In practice, this means that their level will increase very slowly and that it will require many purchases on the part of Neighbours to raise the Craft Item to the next Level.

In dealing with Craft Items, it is important to understand that they affect a Player's ability to increase the Level of the Craft Building itself. This is where the second strategy in terms of raising Craft Item levels can be preferable to the first.

I believe there are five possible Levels to any Craft Building on any Farm. A Player usually can raise the Level of the Building by using Farm Cash at ANY stage, but the the option to purchase the Upgrade using Coins only will be unlocked when a specific total of Craft Items are raised in Level.

Players who have upgraded their Craft Buildings to Level 5, the highest Level, no longer will care about this aspect of Craft Items as increase in Craft Item levels no longer will affect their Buildings. It therefore usually is the high-level Player who will prefer that his/her Neighbours purchase the Craft Item with the highest Level.

Low level Craft Items will increase in their Level far more quickly than the high-level Items. If a Player wishes to upgrade his/her Craft Building using Coins, therefore, he/she will prefer that Neighbours purchase the Craft Items with the LOWEST Levels.

It is here that FarmVille can be a little complicated, as Craft Items from ALL Farms and Craft Buildings will be offered together when any Player accesses a Neighbour's Craft Items in order to purchase one. Unless one is aware of the status of that Neighbour's Craft Buildings on each Farm that he/she owns, it is almost impossible to know which low-level Craft Item to purchase. Many Farmers do not care that much about these matters but there are others who do. I would suggest that any Farmer who is trying to upgrade a single Craft Item or Craft Building post a note on his/her Wall to Neighbours to request that they purchase a specific Craft Item when this is desirable.

I began this post actually to give a tip to Players who wish to help their struggling low-level Neighbours. The tip is as follows:

Whenever Neighbours purchase any Craft Item, it will gain XP points towards the next Level. When it gains sufficient points to push it to the next Level, the owner of the Craft Building will be informed of this when next he/she accesses his/her Craft Building. An option then will be given to share the improved Craft Item with Friends by posting.

If the Farmer has any low-level Neighbours, even a low-level Item will be appreciated! That is why I often will post a Craft Item, even if its value would not be significant to high-level Neighbours.

The second opportunity to share a Craft Item occurs when a Farmer finishes any Craft Item in the process of being made when the Craft Building first is accessed. If you wish to help your Neighbours, choose the Craft Item of the HIGHEST Level to finish first. You will be given the option to share this Craft Item with your Friends.

This all may sound overly-complicated but it can be helpful to Players to understand how FarmVille works where Crafting is concerned. I have created a separate page on this site for all the Recipes that are available on the various Farms at each Level of Upgrade.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Facebook Game Data Options

I am writing this because I received absolutely no help from Zynga when both FarmVille and CityVille crashed my Flash plug-in each time I tried to load the game for almost a fortnight. Having played FarmVille for almost two years, the response Zynga sent, which was to copy and paste an elementary list of system requirements, made no sense whatsoever and was unhelpful in the extreme.

The fact that the many advertisements linked now to FarmVille and CityVille ALWAYS loaded easily and only the game itself was unable to load was a clue that the problem lay within the actual games and new options that pertained to the Flash plug-in.

Note here that I am not technically advanced where the internet is concerned. I cannot write software or code and basically can perform only the most basic tasks on my laptop. I had hoped for some expert advice, therefore, but it was not forthcoming.

The Adobe site was my next stop on the internet highway, but 'support' is offered only to paying customers. I then tried to research the problem myself. What I discovered was that one needed to be able to access the Flash Settings Panel. Alas, whenever I attempted to do so, IT crashed instantly as well! I therefore could not perform any actions whatsoever to change the settings.

My research led me to some reports that camera and microphone access sometimes led to Flash plug-in crashes. If I had possessed the ability to go into my Adobe Flash settings, I could have made certain that this access were denied but I could not do that.

Meanwhile, I could not play either FarmVille or CityVille on my own laptop. Note here that I had enabled Zynga to save data for FarmVille and CityVille on my laptop long ago. The worst part of the problem was that I could not send any Crash Report to Firefox or Adobe when the Flash plug-in crashed. Each time it crashed and I attempted to do so, 'submission failed'.

I uninstalled Flash in all of its manifestations and then reinstalled it, but in vain... The problem continued. Oddly enough, I still was able to play Fantasy Kingdoms and Gourmet Ranch on Facebook as well as loading streaming video on other sites. The problem therefore was peculiar to Zynga games.

There is one aspect of FarmVille and CityVille that has changed radically since the games first were released. The amount of data used is tremendous and if you do not allow Zynga to store data on your computer, you may not be able to load these games easily or handily. If the games do not load quickly and 'hang' for any length of time, you need to adjust your Flash settings to allow storage of data. Quite a lot of data actually...

I was able to solve the problem with the two games only after I finally was able to load the Settings Panel without a crash. Firefox has updated itself in the past week so perhaps there was a fix involved in that update. (I could not load the games on Chrome or IE either, however, so it may have required a Flash update of some kind. I always install all the latest updates in any case.)

Perhaps this is a pointless post because I don't have the technical knowledge required to assist any one else, but I wanted people who have experienced the same issue to know they aren't alone and that allowing Zynga the capacity to store a lot of data on your computer/desktop may be part of the solution. Clearing my Cache did nothing but clearing my Cookies may have helped as well.