Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Jade Falls Recipes and Zynga Search Dog

With the new requirements for mastering a large number of Jade Falls Crops if a Player wishes to receive the Shipping Licence that will allow him/her to move items freely from Jade Falls to other Farms with corresponding Licences, new Recipes have been added to the Tea Shop:

Kimchi Pancakes:
  6 Bushels of Green Onions
  4 Bushels of Sesame
  3 Bushels of Cabbage

Tom Yum Soup:
  4 Bushels of Lemongrass
  3 Bushels of Saba
  4 Bushels of Pepper

  3 Bushels of Nori
  3 Bushels of Sesame
  3 Bushels of Rice

Players will notice that many of the ingredients are Crops that formerly had no use apart from generating income and mastery numbers.

Another new option that is not limited to any Farm is the Search Option.  The Zynga Dog that now can be found in the Menu with the Gift Box and Storage Icons can be used not only to find any Item that is in the Gift Box, Storage Facility or on the Farm but can be used as well to count Crops!  This is extremely useful for Players who perform the various Quests that require specific totals of Crop Harvests.

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