Unicorn Island Guide

*************** Unicorn Island: ***************

Unicorn Island must be built, using three different builsing materials in the form of

10 Enchanted Blossoms, 10 Rainbow Clovers and 10 Hearts of Gold.

 All materials can be found in the Free Gifts List. Once the Island is completed, it will render 1 Amethyst to the builder. You then need to stock the Island with at least one Unicorn in order to allow it to produce regularly. The following list gives the Unicorns that can be created using the Gems as well as the Gems needed to produce each. All other Unicorns, if placed in the Island, will yield only Amethysts.

 Note that you must unlock each successive Unicorn by creating the preceding Unicorn in the list. Once all Unicorns have been unlocked, therefore, you will be able to create any Unicorn on the List. The Unicorns require progressively more Gems to create but may not yield more valuable Gems in every case. There are Unicorns such as the Fancy Pants Unicorn that require a prodigious number of valuable and rare Gems to create but, as in the case of the Fancy Pants, only produce Amethysts once placed in the Island.

 ************* Unicorn List *************

 A list of Unicorns with the Gems each produces as well as the Gems required to produce one:

Pink Lemonade Unicorn: Amethyst
     To create, you will need: 10 Amethysts

 Moon Unicorn: White Diamond
    To create, you will need: 12 Amethysts

 Sun Unicorn: Amethyst
 To create, you will need: 6 Amethysts, 8 Diamonds

 Moss Unicorn: Emerald
To create, you will need: 12 Amethysts, 4 Diamonds

Wind Pegacorn: White Diamond
To create, you will need: 9 Amethysts, 5 Diamonds, 4 Emeralds

Princess Unicorn: Emerald
To create, you will need: 5 Amethysts, 11 Diamonds, 6 Emeralds

Emerald Pegacorn: Ruby
To create, you will need: 8 Amethysts, 9 Diamonds, 10 Emeralds

Starry Night Unicorn: Diamond
To create, you will need: 12 Amethysts, 9 Diamonds, 10 Emeralds, 4 Rubies

Icy Fire Unicorn: Emerald
To create, you will need: 10 Amethysts, 12 Diamonds, 11 Emeralds, 10 Rubies

Tiara Unicorn: Ruby
To create, you will need: 11 Amethysts, 10 Diamonds, 19 Emeralds, 14 Rubies

Angel Pegacorn: Sapphire
To create, you will need: 10 Amethysts, 16 Diamonds, 17 Emeralds, 22 Rubies

Fancy Pants Unicorn: Amethyst To create, you will need: 15 Amethysts, 20 Diamonds, 18 Emeralds, 16 Rubies, 10 Sapphires

Lightning Pegacorn:  Ruby
To create, you will need: 22 Amethysts, 15 Diamonds, 23 Emeralds, 18 Rubies and 20 Sapphires

Robot Unicorn:  Sapphire
To create, you will need  20 Amethysts, 23 Diamonds, 20 Emeralds, 33 Rubies, 26 Sapphires

The last Unicorn to be unlocked:

Phoenix Pegacorn:
To create, you will need:  40 Amethysts, 37 Diamonds, 29 Emeralds, 23 Rubies, 30 Sapphires

If you study the list, you will see that Amethysts can be created from ANY Unicorn, including the Pink Lemonade, which is the first Unicorn you can unlock. The Moon Unicorn is the first Unicorn that will produce a Diamond but you will not be able to produce an Emerald until you create the Moss Unicorn. The first Unicorn to produce a Ruby is the Emerald Unicorn and the first to produce the Sapphire is the Angel Pegacorn.

Unicorns created on Unicorn Island can be placed in Horse Paddocks to produce foals. When placed in Unicorn Island, they produce only Gems. Incidentally, when Unicorn Island reaches 100%, you always should harvest it BEFORE you place any other Unicorn on the Island. Doing so will decrease the readiness instantly to zero, making the operation of the Island different from that of any other Animal enclosure. Ordinarily, when you place a new Animal in any Animal Enclosure, the readiness will decrease only a little. In the case of any Enclosure at 100%, it will be decreased usually to 96%. Trees can be added to Orchards or Groves, on the other hand, without decreasing readiness at all. If at 100% at the time of adding a new tree, the Orchard/Grove will remain at 100% until harvested.

Strategies for obtaining Gems:

 Gems can be harvested from Unicorn Islands, found on Wall Posts or purchased for Farm Cash.

The prices for Gems are:
Amethyst: 2 FC
Diamond: 2 FC
Emerald: 3 FC
Ruby: 3 FC
Sapphire: 3 FC

You can build more than one Unicorn Island on any or every Farm if you have space and patience. This is a far better strategy actually than purchasing Gems that you need to create any Unicorn. If you are willing to spend premium cash on your Unicorns, you are better served by purchasing the Instant Grow option on any Farm with multiple Unicorn Islands. I have found that the cost of Instant Grow for Animals tends to be 3 FC ordinarily, which is no more than the cost of a single Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire.

Building multiple Unicorn Islands can be a tedious affair and however beautiful they may be, they do tend to dominate a Farm if there are too many of them. Nonetheless, any player who is addicted to Unicorns may wish to follow this strategy in order to unlock the entire list at the earliest possible time. Each time you build a new Unicorn Island, it will yield Amethyst as well.

At the start, you may find that you have more Amethyst than any other Gem, but as you unlock Unicorns, Amethysts may be in demand. If you wish to be certain of the type of Gem that you will harvest, place only one type of Unicorn in your Island. In other words, place only Unicorns that yield Rubies if you wish to make certain that the Island will yield Rubies. Unicorns can be moved in and out of Islands, transferred to Paddocks or simply stashed until needed.

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