Animal Workshop and Animal Spirits

Building projects such as the Animal Workshop are optional but may appear in Quest sequences from time to time.  One therefore may wish to complete them if one is interested in completing all Quests.

It is useful to know that the new Animal Workshop can be placed and built on ANY Farm.  You therefore can begin to unlock all the Animals before you have the free access to Mistletoe Farm.

The colour of Animal Spirits when the Animal Workshop is harvested is random only perhaps only when more than one Animal inhabits it.  Each Animal when created is associated with a specific colour.  and when that Animal is created, the corresponding Spirit will be available to other players on a Wall Post. .   The 'recipes' for creating new Animal Spirits are:

Bumby Bear: Purple Animal Spirit
  Create with 4 Purple Spirits
  Yields Purple when alone in Pen

Max Moose: Yellow Animal Spirit
  Create with 5 Purple Spirits
  Yields Yellow when alone in Pen

Winston Wolf: Purple Animal Spirit
  Created with 2 Purple Spirits, 4 Yellow Spirits
  Yields Purple when alone in Pen

Catrina Cat: Pink Animal Spirit
  Create with 4 Purple Spirits, 3 Yellow Spirits
  Yields Pink when alone in Pen

Bently Beagle: Yellow Animal Spirit
  Create with 4 Purple Spirits, 3 Yellow Spirits, 2 Pink Spirits

Mrs. Flops:  Pink Animal Spirit
  Create with 4 Purple Spirits, 4 Yellow Spirits, 3 Pink Spirits

Davy Deer:  Blue Animal Spirit
  Create with: 5 Purple, 4 Yellow, 4 Pink
  Yields Blue when alone in Pen

Petie Penguin:
  Create with: 4 Purple, 5 Yellow, 4 Pink, 3 Blue

Patty Pig:
  Create with: 4 Purple, 6 Yellow, 6 Pink, 4 Blue

Sinclair Sheep: Green Animal Spirit
  Create with: 5 Purple, 7 Yellow, 6 Pink, 6 Blue
  Yields Green when alone in Pen

Camilla Calf:  Yellow Animal Spirit
  Create with: 5 Purple, 4 Yellow, 8 Pink, 6 Blue, 4 Green

Henrietta Horse: Blue Animal Spirit
  Create with: 6 Purple, 5 Yellow, 8 Pink, 7 Blue, 6 Green

Eugene, Final Animal: Green Animal Spirit
  Create with: 6 Purple, 8 Yellow,  6 Pink,  10 Blue,  8 Green

Although a Support Agent told me that the colour of Spirit one receives when harvesting the Pen is random, this is not the case. What is certain, alas, is that one does not receive a Spirit oneself but simply makes one available to neighbours through a Wall Post.  In this respect, the Animal Spirit Workshop is similar to the Chicken Coop and the Eggs that are harvested.

I tested the random aspect of harvesting now by keeping only one Animal in each Pen.  With the Catrina Cat in one Pen, I received a Pink Animal Spirit today.  That makes sense, actually as she is associated with Pink.  Davy Deer alone in a Pen delivered a Blue Animal Spirit, which is the colour associated with him.  Sinclair Sheep delivered a Green Animal Spirit.  However, with both Catrina Cat and Max Moose in a Pen, a Yellow Animal Spirit was generated, which is the lower level of the two possible Spirits.

It therefore is clear that a single Animal when placed in the Animal Workshop will deliver the colour of Spirit with which he/she is associated.  This is not the case, however, when Animals associated with more than one colour are kept in the Pen.    In the Unicorn Island, when more than one Unicorn was kept on the Island, the default Gem was Amethyst, the lowest type of Gem.  I expect that the Animal Workshop is similar as I was obtaining only Purple Spirits when I had eight different Animals in my Workshop.

It is a pity that one does not obtain Animal Spirits when one harvests but only when one clicks on a Neighbour's Wall Post.  This makes the completion of all Animals worrisome and frustrating as one is a victim of chance essentially, unless one has very cooperative Neighbours!

Finally, you can place Animals created in the Workshop in ordinary Animal enclosures such as the Paddock for Henrietta and Eugene and the other appropriate enclosures for other Workshop Animals.  Mystery Babies therefore can be obtained from the Wolf, for example, when you place Winston in an ordinary enclosure.

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