Lighthouse Cove Guide

The Lighthouse Cove, advertised as a 'Fall Getaway', is a charming cove featuring New England landscapes and trees clad in autumn foliage. Its main attraction is a Lighthouse, as the name suggests but before the Player’s arrival, a severe storm damaged much of the landscape, including the Cove itself.

The new Lighthouse Cove option in FarmVille has a great deal to offer but unfortunately, it is very much slanted towards players who can afford to spend Premium Cash on the game.

Before its opening to the general public, a special VIP preview of the area was offered to players who were willing to pay 55 FarmVille Cash to go there. During the week when it was available only to paying tourists, there were a number of special Quests with special Rewards. On 19 September, however, it became available to all FarmVille players and the Quests changed.

Unlike the English Countryside (which appears to have disappeared as an option for new players), the Lighthouse Cove can be accesssed by players at low levels, where the English Countryside was unlocked previously only when players reached Level 20.

The Lighthouse Cove is very limited initially in terms of farming, allowing players to plow a maximum of 35 plots. It is here that the new Cove demonstrates its capitalist nature. The sole option to expand is through a payment in Premium Cash, aka FarmVille Cash. For 30 FV Cash, a player can expand the Cove to allow the tilling of a maximum of 45 squares. In other words, 30 FV Cash buys a player only an additional 10 squares of tillable soil.

On the other hand, the Quests that are initiated when the player arrives in Lighthouse Cove follow the traditional FarmVille pattern, in rewards of vital farming items including all three regular farming vehicles. If a player is patient and goes through the entire Quest sequence, he/she will receive a Tractor, a Seeder and Harvester by the end as well as a Restaurant where new Recipes can be made.

Lighthouse Cove is unique in offering players 'Bonus Quests' when he/she completes the regular Quests early. The Bonus Quests allow a week for completion and then are supplanted by a new series of Quests.

Another interesting aspect of Lighthouse Cove is that the Crops available there can be used in new Recipes both on the Home Farm and in the English Countryside. It therefore gives a player a wide variety of new Recipes to complete and master.

One of the most exciting options in Lighthouse Cove is the ability to repair and expand the Cove itself. As the Lighthouse and pier initially were damaged by a severe storm, the player must collect Logs, Stones and Steel Beams to repair it. After it has been repaired, it can be expanded to Level 10. At certain levels of expansion, new creatures will appear. The first of these is cavorting dolphins. Other creatures who will be drawn once more to the Cove include Mermaids!

You can harvest the Cove for seafood. Initially, the harvest will consist of Clams which will be placed in the Market Stall. Other Market Stalls can be purchased for 50,000 Coins each.

Your initial introduction to the Cove is as a visitor AFTER the storm. A resident of the Cove will ask for your help. The Cove will be furnished with a Bed and Breakfast, 1 Market Stall, an unfinished Orchard, an unfinished Livestock Pen, a River Otter, a White Cedar Tree and an Eastern Red Cedar.

New items are available in the Marketplace that are designated as Lighthouse Cove items, but unlike the English Countryside Items, are not LOCKED to the Cove. Note, however, that storage is NOT shared between the Lighthouse Cove and the other two locations. Items once placed in Lighthouse Cove must remain in the Lighthouse Cove and although you will be able to place most items that are in your Gift Box in the Lighthouse Cove if you so desire, they then must remain there.

Storage space can be purchased in the form of a Shed or Barn but the cheapest and easiest option is to dig your own hole In the ground in the form of a Storage Cellar that can be purchased, as always for 1 Coin!

Lighthouse Cove Quests

Welcome to Lighthouse Cove
It’s a joy to have visitors in Lighthouse Cove.
Despite the storm, I know you’re going to have a great time!
Plow 3 Plots
Plow new plots to plant more crops. Expand your farm to plow even more!
Plant 10 Chandler Blueberries
We have a variety of wonderful crops here. Chandler Blueberries are one of my favourites!

Reward: 50 XP, Log x 2, Stone x 2, Steel Beam x 2, 2500 Coins
Your visit to Lighthouse Cove is going to be great!
Use these parts to make Lightouse Cove beautiful again!
Share a Log!

If you have your bags unpacked, I’d love to show you around.
We’re still picking up after a big storm, but I’m sure you’ve seen your share of bad weather back home.
What? You never have storms on your home farm? How fortunate!
Let’s look around!

Come Ashore!
I have to take care of a few things as we walk around. You can help if you like!
Get 3 Piles of Hays
The storm blew away most of the hay I had stockpiled for the livestock.
Ask Friends
Skip for 30

Harvest 10 Chandler Blueberries
Having fresh Chandler Blueberries is a benefit of living in Lighthouse Cove
Skip for 10

Improve the Cove to Level 1
The Storm has tossed things all around. Let’s fix things up.

Come Ashore!
Reward: 100 XP, Restaurant x 1, Tractor x 1, 2500 Coins
My goodness, since you improved the Cove, I got a call from a famous chef who wants to open a restaurant here!
How exciting!
Share Log

Roland the famous chef wants us to suggest where to build his restaurant!
It’s flattering, but we have so many other important things to do!
Let’s go!

A Beach to Walk on, Quest II
With your help I think we can get the neigbhours squared away and also help Roland with his restaurant.

Get 6 Supply Boxes
The storm blocked the road to the Big City, so we need extra supplies by sea.
Ask For Help
Skip for 30
Harvest 45 Darrow Blackberries
You can’t let anything get in the way of farming. Just keep at it, my husband used ot say.
Skip for 10

Place the Restaurant
You’ll find the Restaurant in your Gift Box. Let’s pick a nice place.

A beach to Walk on
Reward: 200 XP, Cow x 1, Seeder x 1, 2500 Coins
That new restaurant is going to be great! I can’t wait to meet Roland!
Are you a good cook?
Share Steel Beam

Let’s have a look at the different parts of Lighthous Cove!

A Quick Tour
While we walk around, we can take care of a few things along the way.

Harvest Lighthouse Cove
Lighthouse Cove provides a bounty of useful things.
Complete 1 Wildlife Habitat
As more people come to Lighthouse Cove, it’s important to protect nature.
Make the Creamed Corn Recipe 1 Time
Roland asked me to make sure the oven works in the new restaurant.

A Quick Tour
Reward: 300 XP, Tree x 1, Harvester x 1, 2500 Coins
That was a nice walk around the Cove, and goodness that Creamed Corn is delicious!
It’s so nice to have good company!
Share Stone

You finished all the tasks, but don’t worry. There will be new Lighthouse Cove tasks every week!
In the meantime, I have some harder challenges for you. Are you game?
Let’s Go!

Bonus Challenge I
I’m very impressed with your work ethic. Get as far as you can on these tasks before time runs out, and you can earn extra rewards.
Harvest 3 Pets
Take good care of your pets and they’ll always be there for you.
Harvest 45 Cove Cranberries
I’ve always adored Cranberries. I never want to wait for the holidays.
Imrpvoe the Cove to Level 2

Lighthouse Cove Restaurant Recipes

Blackberry Ice Cream
3 Bushels of Darrow Blackberries
2 Bushels of Chandler Blueberries
3 Bushels of Strawberries

Cheddar Cheese
2 Bushels of Red Clover
1 Bushel of Hay
2 Bushels of Rhubarb

Creamed Corn
3 Bushels of Butter and Sugar Corn
3 Bushels of Tarragon
2 Bushels of Pepper

Upgrade to Level 2 for 50,000 Coins when the Coin purchase option is unlocked. Otherwise, you can pay 15 FV Cash to upgrade immediately.

Level 2 Recipes
Wild Blueberry Pie
2 Bushels of Chandler Blueberries
3 Bushels of Wheat
2 Bushels of Rhubarb

Black Raspberry Wine
3 Bushels of Raspberries
2 Bushels of White Grapes
3 Bushels of Chandler Blueberries

Fruit Cider
2 Bushels of Cove Cranberries
3 Bushels of Red Currants
3 Bushels of Lady Slippers

Level 3 Recipes:

Dill Potato Skin
3 Bushels of Tomato
2 Bushels of Kennebec Potatoes
3 Bushels of Dill

Cranberry-Pineapple Relish
2 Bushels of Cove Cranberries
1 Bushel of Pineapples
3 Bushels of Peppermints

Jonny Cake
2 Bushels of Butter and Sugar Corn
2 Bushels of Rye
2 Bushels of Daylilies

New Home Farm Lighthouse Cove Recipes

For Spa

Daylily Perfume
3 Bushels of Daylilies
2 Bushels of Sunflowers
3 Bushels of Lilac

Dill Candle
3 Bushels of Dill
3 Bushels of Pepper
2 Bushels of Green Tea

For Winery

Tarragon Vinegar
3 Bushels of Tarragon
3 Bushels of Rice
2 Bushels of Grapes

Cranberry Cooler
3 Bushels of White Grapes
2 Bushels of Cove Cranberries
2 Bushels of Sugar Cane

For Bakery

For English Pub

Blackberry Brandy
3 Bushels of Darrow Blackberries
1 Bushel of Bluebells
2 Bushels of Pink Asters

Potato Soup
2 Bushels of Kennebec Potatoes
2 Bushels of Radishes
3 Bushels of Turnips