Jade Falls Recipes Guide

******************* Jade Falls Recipes Guide: *******************

Jade Falls is the first Farm to offer paddies as well as ordinary farmland and water crop areas. Any Crop that is planted in a paddy field will not rot and can be harvested at any time after it matures. Ordinary Crops and Crops planted in Water will rot or wither in the same way as Crops on other Farms.

The Hawaii Farm was the first to offer Water Crops. Jade Falls differs in that separate farm tools are NOT required to plant or harvest Water Crops. An ordinary Combine will harvest Crops in any sort of plot in Jade Falls. Note that Jade Falls Recipes usually consist of two Jade Falls Crops and one Crop that can be grown on any Farm.

The Crops from other Farms that are most commonly used are Wheat, Rice and Green Tea. Jalapeno, Pepper, Basil and Ginger are used as well in some of the low grade Recipes.

 At higher grades, you will find requirements for Cabbage, Eggplant, Sugar Cane, Soybean and Coffee.

 Milk Tea: 3 White Cloud Tea Bushels, 3 Azuki Bushels, 3 Green Tea Bushels

 Pho Soup: 3 Jade Bamboo Bushels, 3 Sichuan Pepper Bushels, 3 Jalapeno Bushels

Hamachi Maki: 1 Hamachi Bushel, 2 Nori Bushels, 3 Rice Bushels

Bao: 2 Chinese Daikon Bushels, 3 Grouper Bushels, 3 Ginger

Egg Roll: 1 Edamame Bushel, 3 Azuki Bushels, 3 Wheat Bushels

 Bibimbap: 1 Sticky Rice Bushel, 3 Sichuan Pepper Bushels, 2 Pepper Bushels

Chow Mein: 3 Jade Bamboo Bushels, 1 Sticky Rice Bushel, 3 Basil Bushels

 Ihura Nigiri: 1 Squid Bushel, 2 Wasabi Bushels, 3 Rice Bushels

Oolong Tea: 2 Imperial Tea Bushels, 2 Lotus Bushels, 3 Green Tea Bushels

Kimchi: 1 Jade Peanuts Bushel, 2 Wasabi Bushels, 1 Cabbage Bushel

Hot and Sour Eggplant: 2 Prawns Bushels, 3 Bok Choy Bushels, 1 Eggplant Bushel

Takoyaki: 3 Unagi Bushels, 1 Squid Bushel, 2 Wheat Bushels

Moon Cake: 2 Baby Corn Bushels, 3 Chinese Cotton Bushels, 3 Sugar Cane Bushels

Fried Rice: 3 Scallops Bushels, 2 Sticky Rice Bushels, 2 Soybean Bushels

Thai Tea: 3 Imperial Tea Bushels, 3 Lowland Ginger Bushels, 3 Green Tea Bushels

At Level 5:

Congee: 1 Millet Bushel, 2 Prawn Bushels, 3 Wheat Bushels

Vietnamese Iced Coffee: 2 Sesame Bushels, 3 Jade Bamboo Bushels, 3 Coffee Bushels

Egg Tart: 2 Lotus Bushels, 3 Azuki Bushels, 2 Rye Bushels

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