Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Horse Hall

Another recent option in FarmVille consists of the Horse Hall, where new Horses can be created with Horseshoes harvested from existing Horse Hall creations.  In other words, it is very much like the Unicorn Island option.

The first colour of horseshoe, Silver, is given upon the completion of the Horse Hall Building.  Sufficient are given to create the first Horse in the form of the Space Horse.  After that, the colours are:

Space Horse: Silver Horseshoe

Plains Horse: Black Horseshoe

Forest Horse: Silver Horseshoe

Desert Horse: Red Horseshoe

Jungle Stallion:  Black Horseshoe

Grasslands Pony: Red Horseshoe

As you can see, new colours appear less frequently than repetition of existing colours as the Player continues to unlock new Horses.  Whenever a new Horse is created, the Player will obtain a single Horseshoe of the corresponding colour.  The accomplkishment can be shared on the Farmer's Wall, where other players can obtain a Horseshoe as well.  The number of players who can benefit from the Wall post depends on the colour of the Horseshoe.  Rare Horseshoes allow fewer Farmers to benefit from the post.  There is another strange aspect to this  some Wall posts allow Players to take a Horseshoe up to 23 hours after the original post, as is the rule with all FarmVille shares, but sometimes, even after less than half a day, the Player will receive a prompt to the effect that the Horseshoes are 'too old'.