Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Haunted Hollow Farm

It has been claimed that Hallowe'en is the second most popular holiday in the U.S. and one that generates almost as much business as Christmas.  People often decorate their houses more lavishly than they do during the Christmas holidays and the purchase of sweets and costumes is another source of income for businesses.

FarmVille initially released the Lighthouse Cove Farm as an Autumn Getaway a year ago but the new 'Haunted Hollow' Farm is more overtly a 'spooky' farm that is based on Hallowe'en.  As is often the case when Zynga first releases a new farm, there is an 'early' opportunity to unlock the locaiton and to perform special quests that will not be available when the Farm is released free to the general public.

The cost for the 'early ticket' to the Hollow is 35 FC.  Although many players have not 'beat' Jade Falls yet, some have yielded to the temptation to unlock the new Hallowe'en farm early.

At the Haunted Hollow, there is a mountaintop like the ones in Hawaii and Jade Farms that can be upgraded to Level 10. and harvested for items.  There is a Monster Lab, a new option in FarmVille similar to the Dinosaur Lab.

My Potion Shop is the building where Recipes are completed for items that can be traded for Fuel.  New Crops that can be grown only in the Hollow are ingredients in these Recipes.

At Level 1, the Recipes are as follows:

Nightshade Sherbet:
2 Bushels of Zombies
2 Bushels of Tombstones
2 Bushels of Sugar

Pumpkin Pie
1 Bushel of Jack-o-Lanterns
1 Bushel of Green Toadstools
2 Bushels of Wheat

Witch's Brew
1 Bushel of Ghoul Garlic
1 Bushel of Sage
2 Bushels of Red Tulips

At Level 2:

Cauldron Stwe
1 Bushel of Sage
2 Bushels of Tombsttone
2 Bushels of Tomato

Invisibility Potion
1 Bushel of Wormwood
1 Bushel of Green Toadstool
2 Bushels of Aloe Vera

Crystal Cocktail
2 Bushels of Spectre Berries
2 Bushels of Jack-o-Lanterns
1 Bushel of Grapes

At Level 3:

Fire Brew:
2 Bushels of Spectre Berries
1 Bushel of Sage
2 Bushels of Jalapeno

Stink Bomb
1 Bushel of Ghoul Garlic
2 Bushels of Zombies
1 Bushel of Bell Peppers

Lucky Charm:
3 Bushels of Tombstones
2 Bushels of Green Toadstool
1 Bushel of Lavender

The Monster Lab can be harvested regularly for Monster Serum in the same way that the Dinosaur Lab can be harvested for its DNA.

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