Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Flasher Sheep and Colouring Sheep for Easter

N.B. The Sheep Pen in the screenshots is not mine. I do not own any 'flasher sheep' yet. There is one Ewe in the centre of the bottom row that changes colour. Each screenshot shows it in a different instant as it changes colour rapidly from moment to moment!


In the past week, I have become involved in the English Countryside Sheep Breeding option but I was unaware of the extraordinary Rams and Ewes known as 'flashers' until a Neighbour was given one this morning. 'Flashers' in Farmville are not naughty men who display their privates to unsuspecting members of the general public by opening their coats or macs momentarily to reveal their nakedness. 'Flashers' in Farmville are very special Rams and Ewes who 'flash' different colours every instant. I have yet to uncover the secret of breeding flashers and indeed, have yet to own one myself unfortunately, but hope to do so in the future.

As with non-flashing Rams and Ewes, there are countless permutations in terms of colour. If a flashing Ram or Ewe has dots or stars, it appears that the colour of these is set but the base colour will change instant by instant. Although all flashing sheep, it appears, will display one hue within each primary colour and secondary colour, the actual tones will vary from animal to animal.

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