Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Love Potion Crafting Option

After players suffered through a terrible day or two in Farmville, with such problems as incapacity to log in, incapacity to breed sheep, incapacity to STAY logged in, incapacity to share items or post on players' walls, new options have appeared, including the option to breed Pigs and to create the Love Potions required for breeding. The Love Potions Recipe is found in the Pub and is as follows:

Love Potion:


4 Bushels of Field Beans
3 Bushels of Pink Asters
5 Bushels of English Peas

Who would have guessed that so many Field Beans would be needed? One does recall, however, a correlation in ancient Rome between Beans and Fertility. Peas actually have the same significance in ancient cultures. Pink Asters? Well, any flower is linked to fertility in almost every culture and the other flowers in Farmville are used extensively in the Recipes in the Pub. Time for the Pink Asters to bloom...

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