Monday, April 11, 2011

Clever Marketing and Double Mastery

There are new English Countryside Quests that are linked to a new Mastery Crop. Today, a temporary Neighbour in the form of Frito-Lay was added to the Neighbour bar of every Farmer. As is the case when any temporary special Neighbour is added, you are asked to visit the Farm to help. When you do, you will receive special Items.

In this case, the special Item with a farming effect is the Frito-Lay Stall. It can be placed on either the Home Farm or the English Farm and when placed, will give double mastery to the player for 2 days. As there are English Countryside Quests that require Crop Mastery, it is suggested that players wait until they reach one of these Quests before placing the Stall.

The first Mastery Quest requires 1 Star Mastery of Bluebells. The second requires 1 Star Mastery of Hops.

The clever marketing part is, of course, the way in which avid Farmville Farmers can be manipulated into placing an item on their farms that they may find repugnant initially when they discover its effect. I do not like brand advertising and I hated the thought of destroying the integrity of my English farm with an eyesore emblazoned with the logo of Frito-Lay. I capitulated when I discovered the effect of the stall...

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