Monday, March 4, 2013

New Untimed Quests in FarmVille

After FarmVille went through a very impractical and frustrating stage wherein only 4 Quests could be displayed on a farmer's screen, I (as well as a number of others, no doubt!) suggested that FarmVille use a Quest Manager similar to those in other games, including Family Farm.  Recently, FarmVille not only implemented the system, but added a number of new Untimed Quests.

The Untimed Quests allow players to work at their own pace and to obtain Limited Edition items, in many cadses, that they may have missed in the past and do not appear in the Marketplace.  For example, the Chinese New Year Quest sequence offers many of the Lunar New Year Animals as rewards.

FarmVille Freak is a wonderful site that usually makes any efforts of mine to publish information about FarmVille rather superfluous.  In the case of the Untimed Quests, however, I have not been able to find any details on that site and therefore am posting whatever information I obtain either from my own game or from contributors who play FarmVille on this site.

Unfortunately, I did not think of this plan until I had progressed through a number of steps in a couple of the Quests.  What is posted here therefore at this point in time is a 'work on progress'  Ultimately, I will create a separate page on this site for the Untimed Quests for which I have all details:

Why are details about Quests helpful? The primary reason is to give Players details about the Crops they will need to harvest to satisfy requirements for completion of a step.  Where more than one Quest requires the same Crop harvest, a Player often can synchronise his/her farming efforts to allow the harvest to count towards more than one Quest sequence.

Another reason are the Rewards.  If you know the Rewards in advance, you can decide whether or not it is worth your time and effort to pursue any given Quest.

If a Player has the energy and determination, I would welcome ALL details, including the names of the Quest steps and every reward.  The most important details, however are simply the Crops required for each step, Animal harvests required and special Limited Edition Items given as Rewards.  Usually any Reward will include Coins and XP as well as an Item, but the Item is the most important in terms of creating a guide for Players of FarmVille.


Lunar New Year Quests:

Get 8 Cake Decorations
Harvest Lunar New Year Cow twice
Harvest 125 Wheat

Get 8 Red Envelopes
Master the Lunar New Year Cow
Harvest 150 Rice
Reward: Lunar New Year Sheep

Get 10 Large Flashlights
Harvest Lunar New Year Sheep
Harvest 150 Morning Glories


Mardi Gras Quests:

Farmville Mardi Party

 The Colours
Get 8 Mardi Gras Streamers
Harvest Mardi Gras Duck
Harvest 100 Morning glory
Reward:  175 XP, 1 Mardi gras Llama, and 3500 Coins

Get 8 Baby Doll trinkets
Master Mardi Gras Duck to 1 Star
Harvest `150 Cranberries

Six: Colourful Cakes
Get 8 King Cakes
Harvest Mardi Gras Ostrich
Harvest 150 Rice
Reward: Mardigator

Get 8 Cameras
Harvest Mardigator
Harvest 150 Peppers
Reward: Mardi Gras Peacock

Get 10 Bags
Harvest Mardi Gras Peacock twice
Harvest 150 Red Tulips


The Rise, Fall and Career

1.  Sign Away
Get 4 Truffles Autograph
Harvest 50 Tomatoes
Harvest The Horse Paddock Twice
Reward:  125 XP.  1 Scarlet Pigonia, and 2500 Coins


Kelly the Spring Flower

1.  The Spring of Love
Get 4 Scarlet Begonias
Harvest 50 Red Tulips
Store 10 Items on Your Home Farm
Reward:  125 XP, 1 Scarlet Pigonia, and 2500 Coins

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