Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Useful Details about new Atlantis Farm

Atlantis is the first underwater Farm in FarmVille.  It is much more appealing than I actually anticipated.  A friend of mine described it as 'similar to a fish tank, only brighter' and I found her descriptions quite apt.  The buildings and decorations that are sold for Atlantis are those that one might find in an upscale fish tank or aquarium, consisting of elaborate ruins.  Sunken Treasure Chests form the obstacles that must be cleared if you wish to be able to plough and plant throughout the farm.  As always, they contain treasures of their own.  'Opening' a Chest unlocks the item enclosed therein in the Marketplace, as with the Enchanted Glen.

FarmVille Freak has the Quest information for the early Access Quests in Atlantis, but there are other details that may be of use to players who seek to avail themselves of the opportunity to cultivate their new farm now.

First of all, there is a new build, the Atlantis Garden that requires materials.  The Materials needed to upgrade it are: Marble Vase, Coral Shears and Garden Sketches.  You cannot request these materials from neighbours but must craft them in your Atlantis Craftshop.

Marble Vase:
3 Shellfish Bushels
3 Morning Glory Bushels
3 Rhubarb Bushels

Coral Shears
3 Coral Bushels
3 Aloe Vera Bushels
3 Jalapeno Bushels

Garden Shears:
3 Sea Sponge Bushels
3 Lilac Bushels
3 Cotton Bushels

You therefore can benefit greatly if you have neighbours who are not in Atlantis who are willing to grow the other Crops needed for these items.  Players who are not willing to pay 45 FC for early access still may find the information interesting as they will be able to sell these Crops to neighbours who have taken the early access option.

If you do not have the necessary bushels to create these items, you can buy them for 2 FC each.

The new Atlantis 'eatery' is the Coral Cafe.  At Level 1, you can cook the following dishes:

Sea Melon Sorbet:

3 Seawatermelon Bushels
3 Urchinberry Bushels
3 Sugar Cane Bushels

Salt Water Taffy:

3 Ambrosia Bushels
3 Starfish Bushels
3 Blueberry Bushels

Sea Biscuit:

3 Sea Sponge Bushels
3 Coral Bushels
3 Wheat Bushels

Shellfish Surprise:

3 Shellfish Bushels
3 Plankton Bushels
3 Onion Bushels

A little tip upon arrival may be very useful if you are attempting to complete the Atlantis Quests, Chapter 1:

You will be required to complete 2 Shellfish Surprises as a requirement for Step 3.  As usual upon arrival at a new farm in FarmVille, you will find that one slot in the Cafe is occupied by a Shellfish Surprise that is ready to be completed and that ingredients for another have been provided.  I was foolish enough to complete BOTH before I even looked at the information about the Quests.  With few FarmVille neighbours who have opted for early access, it is a little difficult to obtain the necessary ingredients to make more of the Shellfish Surprises immediately!

N.B.  The Bubble Seahorse, by the way, that one is required to harvest in Chapter 1, may be placed in an Atlantis Zoo.  It evidently can be placed in the Marine Observatory as well.

The Marine Observatory is a building project similar to those on other Farms that allow the Player to create new types of Animals using magical ingredients.   There is a Lab where new Animals are created and a Pen where Animals can be housed.  By creating a new Animal, one unlocks the ability to create the next Animal in the list.

The first to be created is the Abu, using four Red Scales.  Next is the Zaratan, which requires five Red Scales and produces a Yellow Scale.    When you arrive at Atlantis, you will find a Marine Observatory on the farm.  It is incomplete but lacks only a few materials.

A new Marine Observatory can be purchased for 5 Coins.  The materials required to complete it are as follows:

10 Bronze Hammers
10 Coral Chisels
10 Ultramarine Crystals

You can request these materials from Neighbours.

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