Thursday, January 31, 2013

Solacorn Reward

I am very partial to horses and their mythical cousins, the Pegasus, Unicorn and Pegacorn.  For those who may not be aware of the subtle distinctions between each type of steed that can be found in FarmVille, the Unicorn has a single horn, the Pegasus has wings and the Pegacorn has both a single horn and wings.

Every Farm has its own rules where upgrades and requirements for 'beating' the Farm are concerned.  Requirements invariably include completion of all upgrades of a building project or projects unique to that farm.  In the case of the Enchanted Glen, one must complete both the Mushroom Home and the Rivermist Fortress.

I was rather delighted to discover that the maximum upgrade level for the Rivermist Fortress is Level 5, which is not that difficult to attain.  Furthermore, there is a wonderful reward for those who make the final upgrade in the form of a Solacorn, which is a golden Pegacorn.

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