Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Winter Wonderland Farm in Farmville

A new Winter Farm has been released in FarmVille. At present, it costs 55 FV Cash to buy a VIP ticket to travel immediately. As with the Lighthouse Cove's initial release, special Quests have been created for players who are willing to pay for the VIP Ticket. In a few days, travel to the WInter Wonderland should be free to all players.

To help those who opt for early travel as well as those who wait for the free tickets (to travel either by second class or 'cattle car'), I have made some notes of the initial requirements and Items:

When you arrive at the Winter Wonderland, you will have only the hoe by which to plough squares by hand. You actually can till up to 100 squares without expanding the Farm, making this new seasonal Farm superior to the Lighthouse Cove.

You will find the following on your farm:

1 partially completed Winter Animal Pen
1 partially completed Orchard
1 Train Station
Various new Winter Trees
Some frozen Treasure Mounds

A Winter Animal Pen requires the following:

10 Ice Posts (this requirement has been completed when you arrive)
10 Conifer Dust
10 Candy Cane Beams

Orchards are the same, thankfully, in every season and Farm, requiring:

10 Bricks (this requirement has been completed when you arrive)
10 Nails
10 Boards

The Train Station can be harvested (rather like the Cove) and can be upgraded. Upgrading materials required for the first upgrade are:

3 Rail Spikes
3 Rail Ties
3 Lumps of Coal

Treasure Mounds come in different sizes and must be unfrozen. Each size requires a different device to unfreeze it.

Each Small Treasure Mound requires:
15 Hair Dryers

There are two Small Treasure Mounds on your Farm.

Each Medium Treasure Mounds require:
25 Hair Dryers (15 of these have been applied before you arrive, apparently, to one of the two Medium Treasure Mounds on your Farm)

Each Large Treasure Mound requires:
45 Pickaxes

There is one Large Treasure Mound on your farm.

Each Extra Large Treasure Mound requires:
75 Pickaxes

There is one Extra Large Treasure Mound on your Farm.

Expansions of your Farm allow access to more Treasure Mounds of various sizes.

You have a storage Igloo and a Sweet Shop on your Winter Farm. The three Initial Recipes that can be made are as follows:

Ginger S'more:
3 Bushels of Gingerbread
3 Bushels of Iced Rice
2 Bushels of Sunflowers

Candied Yam Pie:
3 Bushels of Candied Yam
1 Bushel of Glacial Rose
2 Bushels of Cranberries

Candied Apples:
2 Bushels of Gummi Bears
3 Bushels of Candied Yams
3 Bushels of Wheat

As you can see, Recipes at the Sweet Shop include ingredients from Crops both from the Winter Farm and a player's Home Farm.

The two Trees on your Farm are a Frozen Spruce and a Winter Spruce.

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