Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lighthouse Cove, Where the Rich get Richer and the Poor Stay Poor

The new Lighthouse Cove option in FarmVille has a great deal to offer but unfortunately, it is very much slanted towards players who can afford to spend Premium Cash on the game.

Unlike the English Countryside (which appears to have disappeared as an option for new players), the Lighthouse Cove can be accesssed by players at low levels, where the English Countryside was unlocked previously only when players reached Level 20.

The Lighthouse Cove, advertised as a 'Fall Getaway', is a charming cove featuring New England landscapes and trees clad in autumn foliage. It is very limited initially in terms of farming, allowing players to plow a maximum of 35 plots.

It is here that the new Cove demonstrates its capitalist nature. The sole option to expand is through a payment in Premium Cash, aka FarmVille Cash. For 30 FV Cash, a player can expand the Cove to allow the tilling of a maximum of 45 squares. In other words, 30 FV Cash buys a player only an additional 10 squares of tillable soil.

On the other hand, the Quests that are initiated when the player arrives in Lighthouse Cove follow the traditional FarmVille pattern, in rewards of vital farming items including all three regular farming vehicles. If a player is patient and goes through the entire Quest sequence, he/she will receive a Tractor, a Seeder and Harvester by the end as well as a Restaurant where new Recipes can be made.

Lighthouse Cove is unique in offering players 'Bonus Quests' when he/she completes the regular Quests early. The Bonus Quests allow a week for completion and then are supplanted by a new series of Quests.

Another interesting aspect of Lighthouse Cove is that the Crops available there can be used in new Recipes both on the Home Farm and in the English Countryside. It therefore gives a player a wide variety of new Recipes to complete and master.


  1. You are absolutely correct about the venal nature of the new Cove.

    Personally, I fear that with all the "quest frenzy", and money grubbing feel of it all, I am perhaps finally tiring of the game.

    Farming is becoming secondary to questing. And this whole acquisitiveness thing, is really tedious. People are becoming snarky when they can't achieve goals. (particularly as the quests coincided with facebook changes and game "upgrades".)

    a few friends are still locked out of part of their normal farmville gaming routines. Several very good and "neighborly" neighbors simply quit over all the hoopla.

    Guess it's becoming more like the real world every day.

    Still, one of the few things I really appreciate about Lighthouse Cove, is that because (in spite of) there are so few plots, I have gone back to clicking each plot the old fashioned (and rather calming) way- one at a time. With so few plots "allowed", I am baffled by fellow neighbors going through the mad scramble to get a combine for the Cove...?...

    Ah well. Really enjoy your posts. Just found you, but will return!