Friday, December 16, 2011

New Winter Wonderland Farm

For the Yule season, Zynga has released a new Farm in FarmVille. The Winter Wonderland is a frozen landscape ruled by a northern Winter Season, with special frozen Crops as well as Crops appropriate to Yuletide. With the Farm, Player will have a rather rudimentary Sweets Shop. The new Recipes that are available both at the Winter Wonderland Farm and at the Home Farm can be found in a little Guide on a new page at:

Winter Wonderland Recipes Guide

You can find links to all my Guides for FarmVille as Tabs above this post and every post.

The Winter Wonderland has some rather creative new options in the form of a railway that can be harvested each day and frozen mounds of various sizes that, when chipped away or melted, reveal Treasures. Treasures in the largest mounds can be uncovered only with pickaxes. Treasures of other sizes are melted by means of hair dryers!

Crops grown at the Winter Wonderland are:

Candied Yam:
Harvest in 4 Hours

Harvest in 12 Hours

Harvest in 8 Hours

Iced Rice
Harvest in 12 Hours

Red Iceberry
Harvest in 8 Hours

Harvest in 16 Hours

Iceberg Lettuce
Harvest in 20 Hours

Mint Candy
Harvest in 1 Day

Frozen Grapes
Harvest in 1 Day

Snow Tulip
Harvest in 1 Day

Gummi Bear
Harvest in 1 Day

Glacial Rose
Harvest in 2 Days

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