Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Greenhouse Option

Farmville recently took a page from the Harvest Moon universe to create a new Greenhouse option where hybrid Crops can be grown by combining two types of Seeds.

The Greenhouse costs 5 Coins, if you were not playing the game on the day of its release and is a construction project that requires 4 Nails, 4 Wooden Boards and 4 Bricks. As with most construction projects, once completed, it can be expanded.

The creation of any hybrid Seed takes three days but, with the help of Neighbours, you can speed the process.

Another new option is the Duck Pond. A construction project as well, once completed, it can house all types of Ducks and Swans. Harvests of the Duck Pond produce coins or Ducklings of various types. A Duckling can be grown either by help from Neighbours or by paying Farmville Cash.

If you choose the Neighbour Help option, you have a total of seven days to obtain the help of seven Neighbours. Initially, you can choose between seven different varieties of Ducks and/or Swans. With the passing of each day, one type of Duck/Swan no longer will be available as a choice.

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