Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Snowman Option in Farmville

After a month or two when I lost interest for the most part in Farmville, my excitement was rekindled somewhat by the ability to craft items at Level 25. As my game progressed rather sporadically, my commitment increased when the Advent season brought many new festive buildings and options. The Holiday Workshop and Christmas Tree, for example, allowed one to collect Gifts. As with most of the holiday buildings, the Gifts generated then could be traded for limited edition Items.

Orchards came into existence during this period, allowing one to harvest from 20 trees at a time and providing the option to obtain 'Mystery Seedlings' that would grow into rare Tree types. A Holiday Tree that was offered as a Free Gift from the Farmville Site could produce Ornament Tree seedlings, although I have not been that fortunate yet with the Mystery Seedlings from my own Orchard.

Other rather gorgeous Trees released over Christmas and the New Year included a Confetti Tree and a Mistletoe Tree.

Zynga cleverly has increased the ways in which one can obtain such useful items as Fertiliser and Watering Cans. Beehives now can generate Fertiliser while a new Snowman building project, when completed will produce Watering Cans. The Fertiliser is a random result, but I do believe that a Snowman ALWAYS will produce Watering Cans.

The Snowman project allowed one to build a Snowman using piles of Snow either obtained in Snowball fights or through requests to Neighbours. Piles of snow were the basic building material, but green buttons, a red scarf and a Magic Hat provided the finishing touches. If the Snowman were completed at the highest level, he would begin to dance. This was rather delightful but I was even more thrilled to discover that I could harvest Watering Cans from him.

As with other holiday buildings, the Level of completion determines the number of items harvested. With the Winter Workshop, Level 1 yields a single Gift, while Level 3 yields 3. In like fashion, a basic Snowman gives a single Watering Can, but a Dancing Snowman with his Magic Hat firmly set upon his head yields 3.

10 Watering Cans are needed to grow Mystery Seedlings. Mystery Seedlings produce rare varieties of Trees that otherwise can be obtained only with Farmville Cash.

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