Friday, February 25, 2011

New Quest Options in Farmville

With the advent of the Greenhouse, new Quests are available in Farmville, making this popular online game more attractive to fans of Harvest Moon and Rune Factory.

In Farmville, once a player has unlocked a specific Crop by achieving the required Level, the Level requirement no longer appears. I therefore was unaware of ANY Level Requirements for the new Hybrid Seeds that are grown in the Greenhouse until a new player contacted me, complaining that he was unable to grow them.

There may be a Level Requirement for the Greenhouse itself. I would love to have confirmation of this from a low-level player. As with the Crafting buildings, although the Buildings do appear in the Market with a price attached to them, as soon as you reach the Level required to unlock them, Farmville will GIVE you the Building for placement. The prices, therefore, are applicable solely to the acquisition of a SECOND crafting building or Greenhouse.

The first Greenhouse Quest in Farmville requires that you have attained Level 16 as you must grow 50 Fire Peppers, a hybrid Crop that you can create in the Greenhouse only when you have reached Level 16 as one of the Crops required for it is the Jalapeno Pepper which has a Level 16 Requirement. Although you can obtain ANY of the hybrid Crops at any Level when a Neighbour 'shares' them on his/her Wall, the Quest will not activate on YOUR screen until you have reached Level 16.

Incidentally, the Level Requirements for each of the Hybrid Crops are based on the Level required to unlock both of the Crops that are used to create them.

Note that the Hybrid Crops were Crops that formerly were unlocked only through Mastery of other simple Crops that were related to them.

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