Friday, July 16, 2010

Advanced Farming Options: Collections and Crop Mastery


At Level 10, the Menu Box that displays the Icon of a Blue Ribbon will offer two different Menus. The first will be the Award/Ribbons Menu and the second will be the Collections Menu.

The Game information about Collections states that:

Find collectibles while Ploughing, Harvesting Trees and Animals and Fertilising Friends' Crops. Get Hints for where to find each collectible by mousing over its icon!

If you are lucky enough to find a Rare or Uncommon Collectible, you can share it with your friends!

Some collectibles can only be found from Gifts sent from your friends. Check back every day for new giftable collectibles!

When you find all Collectibles in a Set, you can turn it in for a reward of XP, Coins and Fuel!

Collections are divided into a number of different Sets. Each Set consists of 6 Items. Whenever you find an Item, you can publish the news to allow three of your Friends to 'collect' the same Item from your Wall. Whenever you complete a Collection Set, you will receive a Bonus and if you publish the news, your Friends can receive a Bonus as well. The Collection Sets are as follows:

Gardening Tools Collection
Country Kitcsh Collection
Button Collection
Bugs Collection
Butterfly Collection
Feather Collection

Items in Collections tend to be linked to specific activities, based on fairly logical 'real' considerations. Bugs, for example, tend to be found when you harvest Fruit from Trees.

Crop Mastery

Crop Mastery is based on the number of Crops that you harvest. In some cases, you must achieve Mastery of a specific Crop in order to unlock a Crop at a higher Level.

One Mastery Point towards a specific Crop is obtained whenever you harvest that Crop. You can increase the number of points by 'using' a Bushel from your Market Stall. See the section that deals with Market Stalls for details.

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